Cinema is probably one of the simplest and most comprehensive forms of communication in existence. After several film-related initiatives, Sciaena, an ocean conservation NGO, has decided to develop its own festival format to make it more dynamic, better adapted to Portuguese realitiy and one of the association's many regular initiatives.

Thus came the Scianema, whose main event is a festival where it’s screened a selection of documentaries dedicated to the oceans and their conservation, held every year between February and March in Faro.

But Scianema aims to be much more than that. Based on past experience, we want to show across the country and to a diverse audience, ocean-based documentaries to encourage, inspire, raise awareness and promote their open access not only to specialists but above all to the general public.
Scianema aims to facilitate scientific communication about the marine world by promoting open discussion, creating an opportunity for researchers, students, filmmakers and others interested in film and media to jointly enjoy and discuss issues about the sea, to let their imagination run wild. The oceans have a voice and it's of all of us!

This year, at the 5th edition of the Scianema Film Festival, we decided for the first time that in addition to presenting the films chosen by the organization, it will also open the opportunity for everyone to submit short films dedicated to the oceans – their fascinations, the threats they face and as we all can and must protect.

All productions must be in Portuguese or subtitled in Portuguese or English and have a maximum of 15 minutes. All national and foreign citizens may participate.

1 - Sciaena #Oceanos # Conservation # Awareness, organizes the 5th Scianema Film Festival that will be held between 12th and 14th of March 2020, in Faro, Algarve (Portugal);

2 - Participation in this Festival implies the full acceptance of the conditions set forth in these Regulations and the authorization of the use of the work (s) in this Festival and in future editions, extensions, promotions, and eventual exhibitions and publications;

3 - Short films of all national or foreign citizens may participate in this Festival, individually or in groups;

4 - Competitors may submit short films in which the central theme is the oceans and marine conservation themes;

5 - The works in competition must have a maximum duration of 15 minutes;

6 - All non-Portuguese films must be subtitled in Portuguese or English;

7 – The submission may be sent via email to;

8 – You should send:

- Personal data of the author like name, age, place of birth, nationality and how you knew about the festival.

- Declaration of screening authorization at the festival and its extensions completed and signed;

I, ________, have read and accept the rules to participate in the Scianema Film Festival in its non-profit, educational and raising awareness exhibitions and extensions in Portugal.
I declare that I am legally authorized to subscribe and to authorize the screening of the movie ___________________in the Scianema Film Festival and its extensions.
I take all responsibility for my material and authorize its use on the festival and / or Sciaena website and their social networks.
I also authorize the festival to make the information and material of the production available to the press and to use it for all the publicity action needed to promote the event.
(Place and date)

- Movie or access to its download, intended for viewing;

- Synopsis of the work;

- Author's biography (optional);

- Trailer of the work (if any);

9 - Only works submitted during the period from 15th of October 2019 to 31st January 2020 will be considered for selection.