The Sci-Fi Festival is an online festival held every three months.

It's open to everyone who has made a science fiction movie, worldwide!
This movie could be animation or live-action, have a short playing time or a long playing time. As long as it's all about the sci-fi movie genre.
We allow both original stories and fan-films.

The Best Sci-Fi Movie will receive:
- a laurel with their movie title and director's name on it
- a certificate of winning the festival
- publication of the movieposter and trailer on our websited and social media

1. Movie files need to be in h264/mp4 format
2. Movies need to be in 1920x1080pix (full HD)
3. Subtitling: all movies need to have English subtitles.
4. Submission fees are unrefundable
5. The Jury's decission is final

For complete Rules & Terms: