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School for Wayward Girls

A look into a true, untold chapter of American history uncovers a secretive Catholic institution where "troubled" teenage girls were locked away to grapple with painful secrets.

  • Erica Everage
    Pole Reversal: Things A Guy Can Learn From Pole Dancing
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Erica Everage

Erica was born and raised in Santa Monica, CA and received her BA in Theatre from Northwestern University. Having started out as an actor, she has recently turned her attention to writing. In 2015, she wrote, directed, produced and starred in her first short film, POLE REVERSAL, which premiered at the LA Shorts Fest. She is currently writing a half-hour comedy based on her experiences as a pole dance teacher, as well as working on a feature film adaptation of James Hirsch's heartrending historical book about an extraordinary relationship forged in a POW cell in Vietnam, TWO SOULS INDIVISIBLE.

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Writer Statement

I stumbled upon the world of the School for Wayward Girls when I was going to physical therapy in an old building in my neighborhood in Seattle. The historic building is both beautiful and eerie, and it got me thinking about what used to go on there. After asking some questions and getting contradictory answers, I went down a rabbit hole researching the history of this hauntingly beautiful place. It's been deeply exciting and upsetting to delve into the largely forgotten history of America's schools for wayward girls. I want to share what I discovered - much of it horrifying - with the world.