“Scampia Short Film Competition” is the first short film competition entirely dedicated to the suburbs. The competition is intended for films shot inside the suburbs or about the stories concerning the neighborhoods on the edge of the metropolis. Octopus record e 400ml invite all directors and videomakers to send their works by August 26th.

Info scampiashortfilmcompetition@gmail.com

First prize: Personalized plate of the Scampia_short movie competition, original copy of the "Scampia Felix" movie and special screening at the "Pigneto Film Festival" in Rome.

Second Prize: Personalized plate of the Scampia_short movie competition.

All the finalist movies at the Scampia_ short movie competition will receive the link of the film Scampia Felix subtitled.

Rules and Regulations

- Registration for the competition is free.

- Each director can participate with more than one short film. 

- Only Short films on issues related to suburbs or impellers within suburbs are admitted to the Festival.

- Short films must be in Italian or subtitled in Italian.
- Short films which have been used in other events and competitions are accepted.

The Jury 

- The qualified judges will be listed on the Facebook Page: Scampia Music Fest
- The judges are looking for best idea combined with cinematic and editing techniques.


- Accepted Format: mp4 format - 1920x1080hd - 25fp - codec: H264(bitrate 16 – 16, 1)


- The films will not be returned under any circumstances. The authors of the short films take full responsibility for all material shot and produced.
- The films in the competition may be published and distributed by a non-profit production, through various communication channels to promote various initiatives and activities of the organizations proposing the competition.

- The author of the short film will be informed of his or her participation in the competition via email.
- Registration for the competition requires full acceptance of the rules and regulations.
- The short film must include the signed registration form and authorization.

- The short films must be sent post or by zip file via email (scampiashortfilmcompetition@gmail.com) at no later than 26/08/2018.