“Saratov Sufferings” (“Saratovskie Stradania”) is the only film festival in the world which deals with the genre of documentary drama. Exists since 2004. Takes place in September in Saratov, the city which is situated at the bank of the Volga, the longest river in Europe. The name of the festival comes from the old folk songs about love which were called “stradania”. These women’s songs were accompanied by harmonica that were made in Saratov.
Interesting facts
The athor of the figurine «The Saratov harmony»is  sculptor Andrey Shcherbakov.
All festivals «Saratov Sufferings» are open by singing of the actress Elena Sapogova. In its execution actually Saratov sufferings — the folklore »pripevka» which have given  name of our festival.
The director Maria Kravchenko is only double owner of the main festival prize — «Saratov harmony».  She won them 2006 and 2009.
The director from Udmurtia Veniamin Tronin earned the awards in 2006, 2008 and 2009.

Awards & Prizes

1. «The Saratov harmony» - for the best film of the festival
2. Prizes from the jury
3. Audience award
4. Sponsors awards

Rules & Terms

1. Genre - documentaries
2. Any length
3. No premiere required
4. 2016-2017 year of production

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Overall Rating
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    Mia Mullarkey

    A real honour to win Special Jury Prize at this festival. Although I could not attend the staff were great to communicate with and my impression is that it is an excellent event.

    October 2017