Storyteller for the Natural World
Sarah Galloway began her career as an assistant editor on the seminal film "HOOP DREAMS" After twenty years of making exhibit media for the American Museum of Natural History she began a freelance career. Sarah’s first independent documentary, "BIKE RIDDIM" won the Asbury Park Press Award at the 2018 Asbury Park Music + Film Festival.
"WILD in the Garden State" combines her passion for ecology and filmmaking. WILD was shot over the course of ten years on ordinary smart phones (Droid X, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy) as well as a GoPro camera.
Sarah lives in Ocean, New Jersey with her husband, Dave.
'“Wild in the Garden State” is a must-see for everyone who wants to go native but isn’t sure where to begin. Watching Sarah and Dave transform their typical suburban yard into an oasis for wildlife and peaceful retreat for themselves inspires and instills confidence every step of the way."
— Karen Walzer, Barnegat Bay Partnership and Jersey-Friendly Yards
"Such a great message and education in all the wonderful ways that planting a native garden affects not only the other creatures that are benefiting, but also what it does for the human spirit."
— Liz McKenzie, Earth Eye Productions
"What you and your husband Dave did with your lawn is truly inspiring, and the process was expertly and creatively documented. We received over 100 submissions to our festival this year, and your documentary stood out as an informative and important story to share with our audience."
—Sam Feibel, Environmental Film Festival at Yale
Storyteller for the Natural World
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