Santa de la Rosa (Saint Rosa)

Yarliz de la Rosa is a refreshly 18 year old girl who runs away from her parents' home country in hopes to find herself again; before getting caught in between a dangerous cartel association and a faithful mission.

  • Nataly Marie Feliciano-Soto
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Television Script
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Language:
    English, Spanish
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
  • Mellons research fellowship project
    Richmond, virginia
    May 11, 2023
    Mellons research fellowship project
Writer Biography - Nataly Marie Feliciano-Soto

Nataly Feliciano, is a third generation Puerto Rican American born and raised in Richmond, Virginia (tri-city area). Who is currently pursuing a bachelors of science in Media/Film Production while gaining work experience and developing her skills sets in order to thrive in the film industry. Nataly’s ultimate aspirations are to become a filmmaker and writer, in which she dreams of bringing her imaginative concepts to reality. The world Nataly created straight from her own backyard located behind her rural childhood home along with her two dogs: Jobless German Shepherd and late Dalmatian, Max, and Spot. A world that showcases her love for anime inspired by her two older brothers, binge-watching 90’s sitcoms when the Feliciano family couldn’t afford cable television. Along with all of her inspiration, passion, and born into perfection female protagonists have forged the birth of… the world of Delta. This brewed concept transpired from the desire of greatly needed minority representation to acculturate Nataly’s Latindad growing up in a predominantly non-latino area. The world of Delta has helped Nataly overcome challenges and obstacles throughout life. It also made her realize that tomorrow will always come and will be beautiful and better than the next.

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Writer Statement

This passion and desire to write original stories started as a hidden hobby as a child. In my youth, I would often envision my imaginative world through daydreaming, in which it would help me escape my own difficult experiences as well as ongoing trauma. For several years, I was severely bullied and harassed due to my lifelong speech impediment and ITW disabilities. However, with these experiences, it shaped my spirit along with building my motivation to tell stories and advocate for others who do not have a voice. Encouraging people to make personal connections through the characters who I will use throughout my written pieces to inspire for various reasons is my life purpose.
Likewise, with this reclaimed and reborn lifelong goal to become a storyteller of surreal stories, I want to invite people to write and share stories with my audience…stories that have impactful protagonists and characters, who are of color with different disabilities and unique backgrounds. A rainbow of different origins, experiences, challenges, perspectives, identities, and so forth. I believe diversity is the key to network experiences, including centering on the importance of family unification and discussion.
I want to write/produce stories that consist of real-life issues displayed from comedy, drama, romance, and mystery genres, including physical, mental, and emotional context of the human mind. With a necessary basis for raw material along with comedic features, it is always my mission to find positivity regardless of what life throws at you. Telling the stories as part of the things I have experienced and witnessed is the reason for my strong drive to write for the small and big screen. The kind of stories I want to write have yet to come into the light of Hollywood red carpets, however, they have the ultimate power to change lives for the better.