We welcome filmmakers from around the world to submit their films to the Santa Maria Film & Music Festival. We appreciate diverse storytelling and artistic expressions and eagerly anticipate discovering and showcasing unique cinematic works.

If you are a filmmaker interested in submitting your film to the festival, please review our detailed submission guidelines and instructions. We accept films of various genres and lengths, including narrative features, documentaries, short films, and experimental works. Whether you're an emerging talent or an established filmmaker, we encourage you to share your vision with us.

At the Santa Maria Film & Music Festival, we host quarterly events where filmmakers and musicians showcase their talent and compete for recognition. Throughout the year, winners from these quarterly events are selected and offered the opportunity to compete in the festival's main event.

By participating in the Santa Maria Film & Music Festival, your film will have the chance to be screened in our open-air cinema, surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Mt. Banahaw, Mt. Cristobal, Mt. Sembrano, Laguna de Bay, and the windmills. Our festival aims to create a unique and immersive experience for both filmmakers and audiences alike. Join us in celebrating the art of filmmaking and sharing your stories with a diverse and enthusiastic audience. We look forward to receiving your submissions and being captivated by the magic of your films at the Santa Maria Film & Music Festival.

In this remarkable environment, film enthusiasts and music lovers come together to enjoy an immersive experience that celebrates the fusion of art, nature, and entertainment.

The Santa Maria Music & Film Festival Open Air Cinema Quarterly Edition Awards and Prizes celebrate the outstanding talent and creativity of filmmakers and musicians who participate in the festival. This quarterly edition of the festival offers a platform for artists to showcase their work and compete for recognition in various categories.


Best International Feature Film 
Best International Short Film 
Best Feature Documentary 
Best Short Documentary 
Best Music Video 
Best Animated Short 
Best Experimental Short
Best Student Short
Best Inspirational Film
Best Drama
Best Micro Film
Best Commercial/Promotional Video

Best Director

Best Indie Filmmaker 

Best First Time Director

Best Actor 

Best Actress 

Best Supporting Actor 

Best Supporting Actress

Best Young Actor (13-18)

Best Young Actress (13-18) 

Best Child Actor (5-12) 

Best Child Actress (5-12) 

Best Ensemble 

Best Cinematography

Best Editing 

Best Original Score

Best Sound Design

Best Visual Effects

Young Filmmaker Award (18 and under)

Santa Maria Music & Film Festival provides opportunities for both quarterly and annual competitions.

QUARTERLY CONTEST - Every quarter, our panel of judges selects the winners through private screenings held at the Santa Maria Open Air Cinema.

Some of the monthly winners will be eligible to participate in the yearly festival.

CERTIFICATION - All monthly winners will be granted a complimentary digital certificate (in JPG format) that is print-ready.

FESTIVAL LAURELS: Digital laurels or official badges that winners can use to promote their award-winning status.

ANNUAL FILM AWARDS - Once a year, our judging team carefully selects the top films of the year to be showcased at the Santa Maria Open Air Cinema.

INDUSTRY EXPOSURE: Opportunities for networking, collaboration, and exposure to industry professionals attending the festival.

DISTRIBUTION OPPORTUNITIES: Potential avenues for distribution, exhibition, or online platforms to showcase their work to wider audiences.

The Santa Maria Music & Film Festival Open Air Cinema Quarterly Edition Awards and Prizes aim to acknowledge and honor exceptional talent, providing filmmakers and musicians with recognition, support, and exposure for their creative endeavors.

The following are the Rules & Terms for the Santa Maria Music & Film Festival Open Air Cinema Quarterly Edition:
1. Eligibility:
* The festival is open to filmmakers and musicians from all around the world.
* Films must have been completed not later than 2021
* Musicians should submit original compositions or performances.

2. Submission Guidelines:
* English subtitles are mandatory for all films, except for those that are spoken in English.
* Films should be submitted in the specified format (digital file, online screener, etc.).
* Musicians should provide a high-quality audio recording or performance video.

3. Categories:
* Films can be of any genre, including narrative features, documentaries, short films, and experimental works.
* Music submissions can include original compositions, scores, or live performances.
* Participants can submit their work to multiple categories if applicable.

4. Selection Process:
* Submissions will be reviewed and selected by a panel of judges appointed by the festival organizers.
* The selection process will be based on artistic quality, storytelling, technical proficiency, and overall impact.

5. Awards & Prizes:
* Winners will be announced at the festival's Quarterly Edition Awards Ceremony.
* Prizes may include cash rewards, trophies or plaques, festival laurels, industry exposure, and distribution opportunities.
* The specific awards and prizes will be determined by the festival organizers and sponsors.

6. Festival Screening:
* Selected films will be screened at the Santa Maria Music & Film Festival Open Air Cinema.
* The festival reserves the right to schedule screenings and determine the order and timing of film and music performances.

7. Rights and Permissions:
* Filmmakers and musicians must have the necessary rights, permissions, and clearances for all copyrighted material used in their submissions.
* The festival organizers are not responsible for any copyright infringement or unauthorized use of materials.

8. Festival Promotion:
* By participating in the festival, filmmakers and musicians grant the festival organizers the right to use clips, images, and promotional materials for marketing and publicity purposes.

9. Agreement to Terms:
* Submission to the festival implies acceptance of all the Rules & Terms outlined by the Santa Maria Music & Film Festival Open Air Cinema.
It is important to note that the specific details and dates for submission, selection, and awards may vary. Filmmakers and musicians should refer to the official festival website or contact the festival organizers for the most up-to-date information on Rules & Terms.