Nestled in the Mountains of Northern Idaho, there is an active group of filmmakers who love seeing what other filmmakers around the Inland Northwest are creating. Combine that love for local films with a historic theater and we have a recipe for one killer film festival with true small town character! Submit your short film today!

Why another film festival?

With so many "international" film festivals out there, we decided it was high time to have a festival that catered to regional talent, with networking and learning opportunities for filmmakers. This is why we started the Sandpoint Radius Film Festival.

*** All films eligible for submission must come from within a 160 mile radius around Sandpoint, Idaho. No exceptions. See the map on our website to determine your location eligibility. ***

Sandpoint Radius Film Festival is the brain child of a core group of talented filmmakers, producers, directors, artists and actors. Our goal is to create a festival that caters to Inland Northwest filmmakers with ample opportunities for networking, discussions and learning.

We will provide each submitted film with notes from the judges whether or not your film is chosen an official selection. To that end, we promise our judges will watch each film and score them on 9 major points. Judges may also provide optional notes on your film if they so desire.

*** Each film submitted will receive two tickets ($30 value) to attend the 2-day film festival in Sandpoint, Idaho regardless of if your film is chosen as a finalist. ***

As filmmakers, we are interested in networking with other filmmakers and talking about our successes and failures. At most "international" film festivals, talented local filmmakers are competing with large state sponsored big budget films, leaving little room in the schedule for local filmmakers to show and get feedback on their important works.

There will be cash prizes and trophies for the top four films. Those prize amounts will vary depending on how many submissions and how many sponsors we have.

Sandpoint Radius Film Festival Rules:

Films can be up to 20 minutes in length.
G, PG, and PG-13 type films are accepted for consideration.
Films must be submitted exclusively through FilmFreeway.
All filmmakers can request their judging score for feedback on their film.
All judging is confidential and all decisions are final.
There is no compensation for the showing of your film.
You can choose if your film is shown in or out of competition.
We have no premiere requirement.
Even if your film is available online, you can still submit it to our festival.

Submitter must have rightful ownership to all submitted content.

By submitting your film, you agree that have secured all necessary broadcast rights for both picture and sound and Sandpoint Radius Film Festival is granted non-exclusive license to screen work(s) at the festival, for promotional, archival and other non-commercial uses. All filmmakers retain copyright of their works.