Underwater Films Only!

The first San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition was organized in 2000 by a small group who had been meeting at Chuck Nicklin’s dive shop to share information on shooting and editing underwater video. In the past dozen years, it has grown into one of the most prestigious underwater film festivals worldwide. Our venue is state-of-the-art Irwin M. Jacobs Qualcomm Hall, and last year was a sellout with over 500 people each night.

Our approach includes affordable tickets, the opportunity to share your work with an appreciative audience, and a panel of independent judges who are distinguished in their fields.

Among the renowned videographers whose work has been displayed are Howard and Michele Hall, Flip Nicklin, Leandro Blanco, Terry Maas, Shawn Heinrichs, and Simon Spear.

Awards & Prizes

The top three films as selected by an audience vote each night will be awarded prizes. The film with the highest number of votes each night will be awarded cash prizes of $500, $250, and $100 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

Rules & Terms

We require that all Filmmakers whose films are submitted for the film festival provide information through FilmFreeway about their film(s) and themselves so that we have a copy of that information for the MCs to use.

FilmFreeway submission requirements involve two parts. First, sign up with FilmFreeway and "Add a Project." This will include all the info on your film and a page where you will upload your film entry to FilmFreeway. Do not submit as a link to some other site! Second, once you have completed your project info and film upload, you may submit this project specifically to the San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition on FilmFreeway.

As part of the info you need to include in your New Project Entry process, you will be asked to provide relevant info, including the following:

1. The name of the film.
2. The name of the filmmaker(s).
3. A brief introduction of the film. (250 words or less)
4. A brief introduction of the filmmaker(s) (250 words or less)
5. A Contact email for the filmmaker(s)

By submitting this information with the film specified above, to the 2017 San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition, I am declaring that all the above information is true to the best of my knowledge, and that I have all legal rights--including legal rights to the music--to submit this film for public screening at 2017 SDUFEX film exhibition. My submission of this film is my affirmation as to the truth of its content, in lieu of a signature.

Additional information, deadlines, and rules are listed below:

• Films must be submitted through FilmFreeway no later than June 25th, 2017.
• Two categories of films will be considered:

• 5 Minutes Max:
Up to 5 minutes in length with at least 50% of the footage be shot underwater. The majority of films selected for SDUFEX will be in this category.

• 10 Minutes Max:
5 to 10 minutes in length with at least 50% of the footage shot underwater. Films will only be selected for this category if they are narrated. We are looking for films that tell a story – we strongly encourage submissions with more substance in this category, and these will be judged accordingly. Please note that only a maximum of two films in this category (up to 10 minutes) per evening may be selected, and so film makers will stand a much greater chance of being selected if they submit in the 5 minute category.

• Black Video Lead-In: Record or add a one (1) second black lead-in at the front of your video.
• You must have the legal right to use all visual footage, images, audio, and music contained in your film. Your entry via FilmFreeway will certify that you have all legal rights to the content of your film entry.
• Judges will not be permitted to submit films for consideration.
• The San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition reserves the right to use up to 30 seconds from your film(s) for the promotion of this event and future events. All rights will remain with the producers of the films.
• Based upon our experience, judges do not like watermarks that appear during the whole film. It is recommended that all credits and acknowledgements appear either at the beginning or end of your film.
• Submit your film and filmmaker information via FilmFreeway. Your film should be in H.264 format and in High Definition (HD). If your original format is 4K, you must down-convert your film to HD. A suggested data rate of approximately 20 Mbits/sec is best. If you have questions about proper formatting of your film entry, you may contact us at http://sdufexfilm@gmail.com.
• You may enter a maximum of two films, with a minimum of 50% underwater footage.
• Films that have previously been submitted to UFEX will not be considered unless significant changes have been made.
• You are invited and encouraged to be present in person to introduce your film(s) to the audience(s).

4 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Mike Johnson

    I really enjoyed the event and look forward to next year!

    October 2017
  • false
    Anita Chaumette

    Awesome group of people, only wish i could have been there in person.

    October 2017
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    Roy Davidson

    Really helpful people, great communications

    October 2017
  • false
    Marleia Alfaro

    Everyone there was just so nice. I was so honored to be a part of it and see all the wonderful work. The effort it took to get all the under water footage is incredible to me! It's like seeing them go on these amazing adventures and being with them to see what happened!

    October 2017