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"Samsara's Calling" - an LGBTQ short script for the Tasveer Film Fund

Logline: With an uncertain future, an Indian-Bengali American woman goes on a camping trip to rediscover her queer identity in the most unexpected and mystical way...

  • Rohini Chandra
  • Havish Ravipati
  • Project Type:
    Short Script, Treatment
  • Genres:
    horror, culture, lgbtq, scifi, spiritual
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Writer Biography - Havish Ravipati

Rohini Chandra - Co-Writer / Co-Director / Co-Actor
Rohini describes herself as a Good Human-being, a queer free spirit, tomboy woman, and a traveler-at-heart. She first grew an imagination from music, books, movies, & the adventures (of Tin Tin) in her green backyard in New Jersey. She has since then maintained her child-at-heart wonder when it comes to storytelling and is proud to share some feats in the artistic and commercial worlds including hosting and producing an award-winning travel film, acting in several short films and commercials, and singing, writing, & releasing original songs! Rohini intends to create and perform in content including music videos and films that are defined as entertainment with social impact.

In relation to this short film’s story, Rohini applies her real-life experience and personality traits. She identifies as a queer woman, explores the mountains and water outdoors, has Bengali-Indian roots, has worked in a tough corporate environment, and has acted with child actors. Learn more about Rohini at

Havish Ravipati- Co-Writer / Co-Director / Co-Actor
Havish sees himself as a creative visionary who likes to not only act, but also create stories. Havish has performed in everything from many stage productions, short and feature films (including Ravi Kapoor’s Four Samosas), voiceovers and commercials. He looks forward to creating this short film with the team, expanding his creative capabilities and hopes audiences will enjoy this story! Learn more about Havish at or @havishravipatiactor

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