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Same Same But Very Different

It’s the noughties, newlyweds Jack and Peung are happily ensconced in the UK. Peung’s dream is to build a house on Koh Phangan. She flies to Thailand and finds the perfect land plot. It is twice the agreed budget, but she buys it anyway.

Jack’s office is now full of intimidating Russian sales staff, led by Alexei the hard-line Soviet. The Russian clients are however not paying, the share price falls and there is a takeover.

Jack arrives on Koh Phangan, adores the grounds, and visits the land office with Peung. The land registry official does not allow them to add Jack’s name.

The construction starts and is observed by both Russian and Thai mafia. The work is ongoing day and night as they attempt to finish the lower floor. Jack is a hot head and Peung warns him to be cool with the builders.

The pool is finished but the pump is faulty, and the water swamps the house foundations causing massive damage.
The Russian gangsters arrive and demand 50% of the land in return for protection.

Jack and Peung return to London where there is an office mutiny following a new commission structure. Jack and the staff plan to form their own outfit. They enter the offices at night to acquire their sales leads but are caught. Everyone is fired.

Jack and the plotters meet to discuss a financial backer. Bob the failed salesman and keen photocopier engineer surprisingly offers to step in. He is the son of an aristocrat and is loaded.

Jack and Peung return to Thailand. The builders are onsite, working to finish the house. Jack has an argument with the foreman, and the builders leave. They will only return if Jack apologises, which he does.

The Thai gangsters arrive and demand 50% of the land in return for protection.

Jack loses his calm with the foreman, the workmen put down tools for good.
Bob has arrived to fix the swimming pool and then enlists the new company staff to finish the house.

The team are celebrating completion when part of the building explodes. Bob has left the gas on. Jack begs the builders for help, and they return to clean up the mess.

Jack and Peung plan a Thai wedding. They choose a venue however the owner loses it gambling. They change the location to Koh Phangan. The wedding planner, Mr Piriya, has vowed never to return to the Island, he pulls out.

Jack invites the Thai and Russian gangsters to the house for a showdown. The land registry official produces a document that will transfer 100% of the land to the gangster leader.
Mr Piriya appears. He is an old adversary of the mafia chief and starts to fight the Thai gangsters. The Island’s head monk calls for calm.

The builders filter in from the jungle and out-number the Thai mafia, who concede. The Russian gangsters now have the upper hand.

Alexei from the Russian office emerges and reveals he is a former KGB commander. He stands the gangsters down. They salute and leave.

There is a Thai wedding ceremony. The land registry official tries to get Jack and Peung to unwittingly sign the land document. Jack spots him and the official hides in a boat.
The wedding couple leave in a speedboat. As they sail into the moonlight, they find the registry official. We see a splash.

  • Craig Brown
    Same Same But Different
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    Comedy, Romcom
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - Craig Brown

Craig Brown has penned three screenplays - Same Same But Different, Same Same But Very Different and Same Same But Before (a prequel, set in the wild college days). A fourth script is provisionally titled Same Same But With More Dogs.

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