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Samba To Death

Jessica Alami successfully trained ballet as a child. She later enrolled in the school of fashiondance, having the unique support of her mother Evelyn. She dreams of one day being a fire-breathing samba.
Meanwhile, Stephen Carls becomes the leader of a motorcycle group called the "Riders of Death." On one occasion at a dance competition in Las Vegas, he accidentally meets the beautiful Jessica. As he breaks up with a girl named Tracy, he decides to seduce this beautiful young girl. He introduces her to Greg, who is opening a club and an Alden hotel. This is where Jessica finds a job as a fire samba dancer. Meanwhile, the "Masked Jokers" a motorcycle group ravaging are returning to the city. They're killing some members of the "Horsemen of Death." One night they decided to kill leader Stephen Carls by themselves.
The four of them – Otto Frog, White Snake, Raymond aka Black Abraham, and Frederick Drenick storm Stephen's house. They beat up and kill Stephen and then rape Jessica and leave her tied to die. They didn't know that she survived. She manages to break free and during the night, no one knows, she hides and burys Stephen's body in the yard. Jessica decides to take revenge on her tormentors.
She quits her job at the Alden Hotel and tells everyone she plans to move to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, she uses her ex-boyfriend's motorcycle and his motorcycle uniform and rides around the city, so everyone thinks he's actually alive. She makes contact with Detective Jason Dickinson, who likes this beautiful dancer very much.
With a very deliberate plan, she begins to kill four of her tormentors one at a time. On the case of the "Masked Jokers" motorist murders, investigator Miller is working, who is very old friend with Detective Dickinson. Realizing that very easily as a killer they can discover her, Jessica successfully plays her game and plays her boyfriend, because only she knew about his movements and his behavior so no one could suspect anything. However, detective Jason, her boyfriend reveals her and she confesses her plans to him.
He decides to help her because he realizes that her game is "on the edge of a knife" and that if she doesn't run away from the country, she will end up either in jail or in the hands of Di Willie's boyfriends in some Las Vegas brothel. She stages the fantastic murder of the last torturer Raymond called Black Abraham, and then heads to Mexico with a lightning-fast and spectacular run-away. She was chased by all police patrols thinking she was a mad killer, Stephen Carls. She defects to Mexico and from there she heads to Australia. She later marries Detective Jason Dickinson.
Lieutenant And Investigator Max Miller investigated everything he could find on Steven Carls years after that. For a long time, the media reported on the crazy biker who was to blame for the deaths of Ottomar Patterson, Howard Saltner and Raymond Jones (it was a great and unbearable loss for the Masked Jokers). A prison cell was waiting for him with three prisons in it.
Yet no matter how much he sought it, Investigator Miller never found anything on him, despite his thorough search and being on the international wanted list.
There was no sign of Stephen Carls.
Despite everything, the investigation was still ongoing.

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