The Salt Flats Film Festival is a platform for local filmmakers to show their creative art through the medium of film. The festival is presented by the Joy Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.

We encourage all types of filmmakers from professional to amateur and everything in between to submit a film.

In particular we would like young and up-and-coming filmmakers to show us their skills on film. We have a special category and prizes for our talented young artists.

Funds will go towards running the festival and fulfilling the mission of the Joy Foundation, which is, to help local youth to discover talents, develop confidence and overcome adversity through the arts.

* Salt Prize - Best film decided by a panel of jurists.

* Junior Salt Prize - Best film by a person younger than 18, decided by a panel of jurists.

* Audience Choice Award - The Audience choice for the best film.

* Junior Audience Choice Award - The Audience choice for best filmmaker under the age of 18.

. Film entries cannot be longer than 8 minutes.

. Has to be Family Friendly, which means: No nudity, gore, or excessive profanity.

. You can submit a DVD copy of your film, do not add a DVD menu, to the address listed. You may also submit digitally through this site.

. The submitter(s) of the film understand(s) and concede(s) that they are authorized to use the material in their film. If you submit a film, you have to be the creator, or you have to have permission from the creator to submit that film.

. The Salt Flats Film Festival retains the rights to reject any entry . This includes no refunds for entries that are not accepted into the festival.

. The Salt Flats Film Festival and the Joy Foundation retains the right to use or showcase film entries in any way and manner they sees fit, this means that we may use your film for promotional material, including video, print, and any other media, as well as giving copies to our sponsors and donors. However as the original creator(s) you have possession of all your film rights.

Overall Rating
  • Burleigh Smith

    A great fest run by great people!

    September 2016