Salomé is a 14-year old girl and a former war refugee who lives in a poor neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia. One day she gets the chance to participate in an art workshop, an experience which leads her to discover the past she always has tried to forget.

  • Urban Skargren
    By your side, Sin Reversa, Frisbee, Selección Ganadora
  • Urban Skargren
  • Urban Skargren
  • Juliana Erazo Mesa
    Key Cast
  • Tania Katerine Toro
    Key Cast
    "María (the teacher)"
  • Edier Ruíz
    Key Cast
  • Angy Ramírez
    Key Cast
    "Young Salomé"
  • Sara Isabel Suárez
    Key Cast
    "Salomé's mother"
  • Carlos Mendoza
    Key Cast
    "Salomé's father"
  • Luís Blandón
    Key Cast
    "Salomés stepfather"
  • Gilari Torres
    Production coordinator
  • Roberto González
    Director of Photography
  • Laura García Yepes
    Production designer
  • Ola Jansson
    Original music by
  • Carlos Arcila
    Sound mix
  • Jonatan Gutiérrez
    Camera operator
  • Natalia Higuera
    First Assistant Director
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    14 minutes 52 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 11, 2019
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Urban Skargren

Born and raised in Sweden, Urban Skargren made his first short films in Sweden in 2005-2007 and has since then pursued filmmaking as a director. He is mostly self-taught, but in 2009 he studied at the School of Digital Filmmaking in Kona, Hawaii, US, and since 2011 he works with filmmaking out of Medellin, Colombia. Two of his films, "The Winning Choice" and "Frisbee", have proven popular on YouTube and currently together have over 3.3 million views.

Selected filmography as director:
Confrontation, 5 min short film, Sweden, 2005
Frisbee, 28 min short film, Sweden, 2007
Cannelloni for Two, 5 min short film, USA, 2009
Let it Out, 9 min short film, USA, 2009
The Winning Choice, 12 min short film, Colombia, 2015
The Writer, 3 min short film, Colombia, 2015
There is no Neighborhood like Ours, 28 min narrative tv pilot, Colombia, 2016
Salomé, 15 min short film, Colombia, 2019
Deadlock, 6 min short film, Colombia, 2019

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Director Statement

Living in Medellin, Colombia, I discovered an art workshop that practices a somewhat unusual method to help young girls overcome their past from the war: they help them express themselves through art while emphasizing the power of forgiveness. Since from my own experience I know the power of art to bring deep connection in ourselves, I thought it would be rewarding to explore this filmically, and wrote a story based on many young women's situations in the war-wounded country of Colombia. During the process of the project I kept coming back to this image: a picture being painted on a canvas that wants to lure the artist into their dark unexpored past. In a way it is representative on my own journey as a filmmaker: film has always been a way to express myself and, in the end, to somewhat be healed from my own pains. Of course the hope is that "Salomé" could inspire someone out there to commence or continue their own personal path to (a possibley very painful) healing.

When approaching the stylistic choices, I recognized the character of Salomé is torn between two worlds, her unstable everyday life, rooted in the forces of unforgiven pain and in a way as slippery as the muddy streets where she lives, and the world of arts that represents for her another universe, a space of stability, tranquility and harmony. I thought it would be interesting to let the camera style represent the latter world, by using steady shots and a calm and stable storytelling, instead of the typical and overused handheld shots of the "neighborhood films". Also in the music, instead of using a local, "creole" or even "urban anger" type of music, I sought up Ola Jansson, a talented Swedish pianist and film music composer whose works for me represent the "sanctuary" of art, harmony and in the end, peace, in Salomé's life.