Private Project

Saint Montang

Based on a British World War II operation known as Operation Mincemeat, an unnamed spy is assigned a mission to deliver a package to the French Resistance in Nazi-occupied France. However, his mission is not exactly as it seems.

The Spy -- A recently promoted British Special Ops agent, the spy is a down to earth, collective, and highly aware soldier. His task is straightforward, and he does all he can in order to achieve his goal.

Mary -- A woman who has happened to come upon the spy during the spy's cover mission. Her objective is to deliver the spy towards Nazi hands in order to uncover the spy's true objectives.

British Commander -- A commanding officer who has ordered the spy on his mission. His objective is to make sure the false orders are given to the Nazis.

Act 1 Summary:
Our spy is introduced to his mission at the British headquarters, and upon his parachute failure and his first meeting of Mary, our spy already has heavy contradictions about his mission.

Act 2 Summary:
More details are revealed about the spy's mission and why he has come to Saint Montang, and the spy realizes that he may in fact be set up for failure.

Act 3 Summary:
The spy comes to Saint Montang, only to be betrayed by Mary and killed. It is then revealed in the plot twist that what the spy had was never meant for French hands, and the spy was sent off solely for the purpose of carrying false orders to the Nazis.

  • Kyron Beaton
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Short Script
  • Genres:
    Suspence Thriller, Thriller
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Writer - Kyron Beaton