***Ignore the changes to the deadline dates (it now says the 27th) it is still DUE at 3 PM SUNDAY THE 26th

The final screening and awards ceremony will occur at 5:30PM on Sunday in the Seattle University Boeing Room (on the first floor of Lemieux Library). Anybody is welcome to this and there is no entry fee to watch the final films.

// What is a 48 Hour Film Festival? //

Your team has 48 hours to draft, shoot, and edit a short film.

// What You Need to Know //

The festivities begin Friday the 24th at 3:00pm and final films must be turned in by Sunday the 26th at 3:00pm. Stop by Piggot Pavilion (PAVL Cube 2), the short building across from the library, from 3-5pm on Friday the 24th to get your festival packet, line of dialogue, and props.

Audience Award

For Seattle University students only.

In hour 1, you will be given a line of dialogue and a specific prop that must be used somewhere in your film in order to qualify.

Teams should be a maximum of 4-5 Seattle University students, and your final films should be 7 minutes or less.

Here is the form to register your team: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeXcg4ZM00qVkS88V7AHCzGuxCDWrAOjCn7PVOLbamdueYrxA/viewform

Any Questions? Contact sufilmmakers@gmail.com