Colonel Martin Richards is involved in a secret exploration program organized by the Geographic Bio Program, a governmental association led by the ambitious millionaire Vince B. Howard.

The mission is to map an unknown Brazilian region of the Amazon as an impartial arbiter in a political border dispute over trade. The explorer Richards is hired to care for and help a team of scientists in the exploration of unknown territory and is considered very dangerous.

The only help of the area is a young guide, the Indian Matea, who will support them to reach the goal. The team led by the dott. Vanessa O Connor will have to arrive and document the road that passes through the famous Roraima, coordinated in the main interest of the governments. Everything seems under control, but the presence, terrifying and ancient protectors in the area will generate terror throughout the expedition. Everything will become a battle of survival when ancient monsters of millions of years will turn the expedition into a horrible nightmare, where the only thing that counts is to run fast.

  • Daniel Gonzalez
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Writer Biography - Daniel Gonzalez

Producer, Director & Screenwriter.
I started my professional life as a conceptual artist and 3d artist for video game companies on different platforms, supporting screenwriters and directors with creative ideas.
I am trained in all the creative production stages of an audiovisual product. I worked as a director and colorist, for short films. Currently specializing in Digital Marketing.

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