"This time, it's personal."

That’s right! Stage 32’s “THAT’S A MOVIE!” Logline Contest is back and with even bigger opportunities for our winning screenwriters!

You might have written the most revolutionary story in the world. But if you don’t have an effective logline, your script may never break out in this crowded market!

Why? Because every major player in Hollywood routinely hears hundreds of ideas and makes quick decisions based on loglines. This single sentence dictates the uniqueness of the project, shows the bones of your story’s structure, and both your “vision” and “voice” as a writer.

And if after hearing your logline, an industry professional says, “That’s a movie!”, that is all the assurance a writer needs that they’ve struck gold.

Would your logline hit the jackpot with industry pros? Let’s find out!

In our neverending mission to support the growth, education, and access of screenwriters all over the world, Stage 32 is thrilled to release our "THAT’S A MOVIE!" Logline Contest: The Sequel.

**Learn more about the contest and enter FOR FREE Here: https://www.stage32.com/blog/Announcing-Thats-a-Movie-Logline-Contest-The-Sequel **

Our September 2020 logline contest was such a success, we knew that there had to be a “Part Two”. So, throughout the month of March, you’re invited to submit your loglines for your original feature, TV pilot, or short film to our panel of industry judges comprising filmmakers, producers, managers, and executives. And it’s absolutely FREE to enter!

And just like last time, an esteemed panel of industry professionals will review each logline, offer their expert opinion and pitch their favorites LIVE every Friday throughout April & collectively decide whether or not “That’s a Movie!” (or a series, or a short).

The writers of the winning loglines will receive exciting prizes including FREE PITCH SESSIONS, FREE 30-min & 60-min CONSULTATION CALLS, FREE PREMIUM & STUDIO COVERAGE and more from Stage 32!

Just how impactful was our first logline contest? Ask logline winner Zach Tirone who was just signed by prolific manager Andrew Wilson of Wonder Street Entertainment as a result of our contest!

“This happened because of Stage 32. Had I not been one of the winners of the Stage 32 logline contest, in which Andrew selected one of my scripts, he would not have been so clearly on my radar. This led to a consultation call with him about one of my true crime TV pilots, “The Westies”. Andrew very graciously responded to my writing and after some discussion, he offered to sign me as a client. We are now working on putting together The Westies as a Wonder Street project!"

This contest is FREE to enter and you are able to make as many entries as you like!

But hurry! Submissions close on March 31st at Midnight!