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Strippers Save The World

An epidemic affecting the hottest strippers in the world causes 90% of the world’s strippers to stay home sick. What is unveiled is that the world's economy is tied completely to the sub-economy of strippers and the world must develop a vaccine to get the hottest strippers back to work, or the world will fall into madness! While developing the vaccine the government recruits retired and common people to get into the stripping business to get the economies going again. Many take this as a patriotic challenge and throw their self-conscious issues to the wind to help out. After weeks of work many of the new and/or re-utilized strippers begin to enjoy their new profession as the government gets closer to a cure. Research facilities in the government have been turned into strip clubs in the interest in finding a cure. The crisis seems to have spawned a non-stop party. All the while an alien team is monitoring the humans of Earth to determine their ultimate destiny.

  • Robert T. McDorman
  • Lorelei Supapo
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    United States
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Writer - Robert T. McDorman, Lorelei Supapo