SSTIKS 2019 Kayaking Film Festival is dedicated to short films about or inspired by "traditional kayaking." It is sponsored by SSTIKS, the South Sound Traditional Inuit Kayaking Symposium. SSTIKS is part of Qaannat Kattuffiat (the Greenland Kayaking Association) based in Nuuk Greenland.

Qaannat Kattuffiat's mission is to preserve, study and promote the traditions and techniques of Greenland Kayaking while seeking to further the appreciation and development of Greenland-style kayaking worldwide. These traditions and techniques include rolling, paddling, kayak building, tuilik making, harpooning, and other aspects of the Greenland kayaking culture.

Entries to the festival could include any of the above and/or:
Polar and Arctic cultures of all sorts
Rope gymnastics or related games
Kayak journeys
Kayak love stories
Personal narratives
Experimental films

Anything really that speaks to or is informed by traditional kayaking and culture. Don't be afraid to submit.

We welcome relevant all entries - first-time film-makers as well as professionals.

Films will be judged according to criteria including relevance to traditional kayaking, quality, and creativity.
The top ten films will be shown at SSTIKS 2019. Other entries will be made available on the SSTIKS website.
The top three entrants will receive the coveted SSTIKY Norsaq d’Or - a hand-carved norsaq from master carver Don Beale.

1. Sending an entry to the SSTIKS Traditional Kayaking Film Festival implies acceptance of the Rules and Regulations.
2. No late entries accepted.
3. Entries can be of any duration. As long as they are six minutes or less.
4. Films can be narrative, story, animated, or experimental and can be entered by professional or amateur filmmakers.
5. All music rights must be cleared before films are submitted. Consent of performers and/or persons appearing in the film must be obtained before films are submitted.
6. Films may have been previously entered in other film festivals.
7. Submissions will remain the property of the makers, though they will be available for public viewing on the SSTIKS website for at least one month.
8. The entrant acknowledges and agrees that all matters not covered by these Rules and Regulations, and questions arising from them, will be decided at the sole discretion of the Festival organizers.