The Silver Screen Film Festival ("SSFF") 2016 - 17 event showing at a theater venue!!

SSFF offers amazing exposure (theater and awards venues) and distribution potential for independed filmmakers, musicians, and artists of all creative genre. SSFF offers competitive contests and awards to media, screenplays, production development, and more submissions for; awards, prizes, and distribution.

Rules & Terms apply!

SSFF offers legendary distribution and exposure for media producers and creatives.



Science Fiction
Music Video
Music Composition


SSFF / Silver Screen Film Festival / festival reserves the right without notice to change any and all parts of its festival, event(s), terms, rules, definitions, and all other involving SSFF.

You / Entrant / Reader refers to any person and / or persons seeking any form of involvement and / or entry to and / or with SSFF.

Theater or ground cinema venue at the luxurious Tampa Pitcher Show is subject to number of entries and amount of money made to pay for such a venue for our filmmakers. However, venue is set and schedule for the Tampa Pitcher Show in 2017. Venue is subjec to availability of theater venue and subject to dates scheduled by festival (SSFF) and theater venue. Venue is subject to change without notice.

ALL entries must be submitted digitally and comply with any additional and stated festival requirements. For example, SSFF will utilize partners, databases, and / or sponsors to assist in taking entries and fees. SSFF may exclusively work with FilmFreeway ( to accept entries. SSFF may work with other companies to accept entries.

Festival uses a standard scoring system and jury panels (jury and finals judges) to review and critique professional, unprofessional, and independed media entries. Scoring includes writing, style, dialogue, sound quality, mixed media, hours performed, production value, and much more. On request, without requirement of the festival, SSFF may elect to explain to an inquiring entrant and / or onlooker more about our scoring systems in detail.

SSFF does not and will not cater to unserious questions from non entries unless it wants to.

SSFF may reject any entry for any legitimate and / or subjective reason at all including and not limited to; lack of complete information, password change, blitzing / pushing / harassing festival staff, false info, lack of high enough score / scoring, and more, without notice to onlookers and entrants.

SSFF offers very reasonable prices to enter our professional competitions. Thus we do not offer "student pricing".

Categories SSFF accepts for media entries and sub-sections are:
Action (Feature & Short)
Documentary (Feature & Short)
Experimental (Feature & Short)
Comedy (Feature & Short)
Romance / Smut (Feature & Short)
Horror (Feature & Short)
Musical (Feature & Short)
Dramatic (Feature & Short)
Science Fiction (Feature & Short)
War (Feature & Short)
Western (Feature & Short)
Animation (Feature & Short)
Manuscript (Book & Screenplay formats)
Music Videos
Music Composition
Graphic / Illustration / Storyboards / Other

Festival may add categories, sections, and subsections as necessary, for our entries, entrants, and media creators participating in our fest and competitions.

By entering your work you allow SSFF to (limited) display your work / media trailer, photos, and information about your entry online and in potential theater venue (not guaranteed) in part based on additional selection process of festival and if you are a winner or your media is official selection. Your media will be credited to you and / or your team. If media information / photos / trailer are displayed online the quality will be at a level to save for web. You authorize SSFF to utilize and, with limitation, disseminate your media entry for exhibition / inclusion at our SSFF Event date/s in theater (if available).

Our festival is not designed to mass showcase nor premier every film and every media entered into our festival. Instead, our festival is designed to review and select the very best, highest quality entries. Our festival will show, premier, and showcase, in limited fashion and style; the Best Of / Award winners of our festival each season / competition season, and show / premier paid Official Selections. Other Officially Selected entries will receive award & documents, with direct listings on our website and social pages. Paid Official Selections and Best Of / Award winners films will show on large theater screening.

If any film database, including FilmFreeway, cuts or stops filmmaker costs, entry fees, financing, the festival may at any time elect to reduce its showcase, premier, and other in any event or situation the festival can not pay for website hosting, general office costs, upkeep, theater showcasing / venue / events, utilities, and other.

By entering and looking (even perusing) our festival sites, events, and other, and partnering sites and other involved with SSFF, you (entrant and / or reader) agree, without limitation, to hold SSFF and its staff and partners immune from all forms of prosecution, litigation, mediation, and other against SSFF and its staff and persons coordinating SSFF, and agree without limitation to hold SSFF harmless in all conditions.

You agree not to complain nor inquire against SSFF and its staff without first contacting SSFF to ask your questions and respectfully request resolution AND waiting for a complete resolution to SSFF's satisfaction of any problems and / or issues you (entrant and / or reader) raise in concern to SSFF.