SPOT Festival started in 1994 as a music festival with the main purpose being to showcase up-and-coming Nordic talent. It has since grown and is today known as one of Scandinavia’s most important showcase music festivals, celebrated annually in the heart of Aarhus city.

In 2013, SPOT Festival decided to expand and began to include a Film & Interactive element to the festival. The core of the festival remains the same: to create a platform for up-and-coming Nordic talents on the verge of a national and international breakthrough.

SPOT Film aspires to showcase and promote emerging Nordic film talents across all genres, as well as offer seminars, workshops and networking events that all aim to aid young filmmakers on their path to success.

SPOT Film also strives to focus on films that combine and merge the world of music and films and have therefore dedicated two programmes that showcase such films.

SPOT Film has two competition programmes:
SPOT The Film – short fiction films by Nordic film talents
SPOT The Documentary – documentary films by Nordic talents
Nordic countries include: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Åland Islands and Svalbard

In addition, SPOT Film has two other main programmes (not competition):
SPOT The Music – music films (both fiction and documentary) from all over the world
SPOT The Video – music videos from all over the world

SPOT Film furthermore offers additional film programmes, pitching sessions, seminars, and Q&As with filmmakers.

SPOT Film will nominate a jury. The jury will award the SPOT The Film and SPOT The Documentary prizes + eventual special mentions.

Winners will be announced at the award ceremony Sunday 3 May 2015 in Aarhus.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS for SPOT The Film & SPOT The Documentary:
1. Accepted running time: No shorter than 20 minutes and no longer than 60 minutes including credits.
2. Films must have been completed on or after January 1st 2013.
3. All films must have English subtitles
4. All genres are accepted in SPOT The Film.
5. The SPOT The Film and SPOT The Documentary competition programmes are only open for Nordic filmmakers (the director or the producer must have Nordic citizenship – see above to clarify which countries are considered Nordic countries).
6. For the two competition programmes SPOT The Film and SPOT The Documentary, we do not accept already established filmmakers.
7. SPOT Film only accepts online digital submissions through You are welcome to upload rough cuts/work in progress of your film but please make it clear if the submitted version of the film is not final.
8. Films which have been shown or awarded at any other international film festivals can also compete.
9. Promotional films will not be accepted (eg. educational, industrial, advertising, tourist films etc.)

1. Submit your film through
2. Fill in the necessary information and upload your film
3. Wait for response

SPOT Film will appoint a selection committee that will be in charge of the final selection for the competition. Entrants will be notified of the selection results no later than April 1st 2015.

All films at SPOT Film will be screened digitally.

If your film is selected, a final version of your film must be uploaded no later than April 13th 2015.
Spot Film cannot guarantee screening of films uploaded later than this date.

1. If your film is selected for SPOT Film, it will be screened 1-3 times during the festival.
2. SPOT Film reserves the right to cancel screenings if advised by the responsible technicians in case of poor quality. This is to ensure satisfactory public screening.
3. SPOT Film cannot guarantee specific screening requirements (like surround sound, Dolby etc.) but we do our best to give your film the best screening conditions.

By the submission of your film, you automatically agree to the following:

1. I agree that up to three minutes of my film may be used by SPOT Film in promoting the festival in various medias and Internet sites.
2. I consent to the submission of my film for consideration of any awards and programmes within the SPOT Film festival.
3. I confirm that all film and music rights and clearances have been obtained (in accordance with copyright laws).
4. I confirm that I will not withdraw my film from SPOT Film after the selection by the selection committee.

Acceptance of these regulations implies that you will abide by them in your dealings with the festival and also that you are legally entitled to submit this film for consideration.

For any questions regarding submission or selection please contact festival coordinator Conny Nielsen For more information about the festival, please visit: