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Baran works in a shoe workshop. Once he's done, he gets up and goes to the bathroom. As he washes his face with his hand, he raises his head and looks in the mirror.after looking at himself for a while, he washes his hand over his face again. Then when he lifts his head, we see Baran at the entrance to a 4-room place. The camera approaches the mirror and the world in the mirror appears. Here in the first room a worker wears the rubber of a shoe. Baran continues after watching the worker for a while. He comes to the entrance to the second room. the worker here wears the shoe laces. Baran continues his way and comes to the last room where the worker paints the shoe and takes it to the dark man at the end of the hallway and disappears as soon as he leaves the shoe. Baran yelts towards the dark man, but the room disappears. Baran is at the entrance to the same place again. He comes to the first room and throws the rubber in front of the worker, but the rubber reappears and baran goes to the second room when he cannot get results from the first room, where he shakes the worker but the worker does not care. When Baran does not get results from both rooms, he goes to the last room but does not catch up with the worker here and the worker goes to the dark man again and disappears as soon as he leaves the box and arrives at the entrance of the same place for the last time as Baran does not exist. This time Baran does not interfere with the workers and reaches the dark man directly. The dark man gets up and confronts him. The dark man who asks Baran who he is tells him that he is the one who created his obligations and caused him to become trapped in this life and suddenly changes his hand and Baran and The Dark Man appear in a dark environment. The Dark man who asks where Baran is says in his mind that you are in the place where I imprisoned his existence in this infinite darkness, and as soon as he says this, a railing appears. In the meantime, the entire film comes alive in Baran's mind and Baran shakes his hand and mentions that he is actually an illusion and that he is the real reality himself. At the same time, the door opens and a sadness of light spreads through it. Baran is waiting in front of the mirror again. Meanwhile, the mirror cracks and the scene darkens.

  • Hıdır ARŞİMET
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    10 minutes 30 seconds
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Director Biography - KEREM

Adım Kerem Mengüç 27 Mayıs 1998 yılında Gaziantep’te doğdum. İlk ve Orta öğrenimimi burada tamamladıktan sonra Şanlıurfa’ya yerleştim. Burada lise öğrenimimi tamamladıktan sonra Mersin Üniversitesi Radyo Televizyon Ve Sinema bölümünü kazandım ve hala burada öğrenimime devam etmekteyim. Burada bulunduğum süre içerisinde toplam 6 projede görev aldım.

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