Just in time for the Halloween season the S.O.S. Indie Horror Film Fest will be screening some of the best independent horror shorts from Ohio and around the world. In the past we've had special guests to host the event (like the incomparable Joe Bob Briggs and the scream queen Felissa Rose) who both have given it high marks for it's quality and love for the horror genre.

This year with uncertainty surrounding the Covid19 pandemic we will be doing things a little different. The first is that we are going to wave submission fees. We know that times are tough and many people have been negatively impacted economically, mentally and physically so we decided that waving the fees was one way we could give back.

We're also aware that this will create an incredible influx of films and because we have a relatively small staff we're going to have to tighten up on the rules and terms of entry so that we make sure that every film submitted gets the adequate attention that it deserves. But if it does not meet the rules and terms it will be rejected.

We will update our website as details about the event become available, i.e. guest hosts, etc. So please feel free to send us your horror shorts and features because we would love to see them! Thanks for your interest in the S.O.S. Indie Horror Film Fest!

Judges Awards (Shorts program)
1st prize is $200 (Best Film)
2nd prize is $100 (Runner-Up)
Best Director
SOS Indie Spirit Award

There will be certificates for top films as well and laurels for all selected films. Award winners must allow up to 60 days after the screening date to receive prizes.

You must have all rights to all media in your film.

All short films must be a minimum of 4 and maximum of 12 minutes in length including credits.

You hold S.O.S. Indie Horror Fest and hosting theater harmless from any claims of liability from screening your film.

There is no time frame in which films had to have been made.

Films do not have to premier at the S.O.S Indie Horror Film Fest to be eligible.

Limit one film per submitter.

Overall Rating
  • Jared Tipton

    Thanks for having us as a part of the festival! Hopefully next time we can attend in person! Look forward to submitting again!

    November 2020
  • Illumination Cinema

    We were very impressed with how the festival was pulled off and incredibly gracious to have been involved.

    November 2020
  • David Walton Smith

    Great festival, happy to have been a part of it!

    November 2020
  • I was very happy to have my film The Craving selected to play in this live festival. It is local to my area and I know some of the people who run it. They worked very hard to make sure that this year’s festival played live in the theater so people could enjoy films the way they were intended. On the big screen. Thank you gentlemen for working so hard and diligently to make this happen. Also thank you for selecting my film to play in your amazing festival!

    October 2020
  • A wonderful fest to be a part of. Great people. Always on top of things. Great communication. Terrific experience!

    October 2020