SMART is a new international festival celebrating the innovation & diversity of Smartphone Filmmaking.

In recent years filmmakers have created ground-breaking films with their smartphones, from mainstream feature films to Turner Prize winning film installations. Smartphones are always on us, unobtrusive and accessible. They have proved a game-changer in film and video production, bringing fresh approaches to cinema, influencing the direction of television and completely redefining short form. They enable cheaper, faster, more dynamic and more innovative shooting.

The gap between your idea and your final film has never been so small. You can now make an award-winning film with the phone in your pocket.

SMART’s aims are to:
- Celebrate the creativity and diversity of smartphone films, long and short
- Support a film community centred on the best in smartphone filmmaking
- Share know-how and expertise in smartphone film production

SMART has been set up by the team behind the first smartphone film to win an academy award.

This inaugural year includes screenings of the winning and nominated films and a guest appearance by a leading film director who champions smartphones.

Each category winner receives a classy trophy and a mentoring session with one of the judges (who are leading directors, producers and commissioners). They will also be offered distribution opportunities with Little Dot Studios (London/LA/Berlin) if they would like.


We like films made 100% on smartphones but anything shot more than 50% on smartphone is eligible.

For the 2021 Festival, because it’s the inaugural one, we are accepting films released from 2018 to the present.

Overall Rating
  • Ian McDonald

    My film 'a snail's pace' was nominated for Best Short Documentary and it was fantastic to have an extended Q&A with my fellow nominees, brilliantly moderated by the co-organisers of the festival Victoria Mapplebeck and Adam Gee.

    July 2021
  • Ryan Brog

    Awesome festival showcasing smartphone films and filmmakers. Great events, communication and overall experience.

    July 2021
  • Neil Walshe

    What an honour to be selected for SMart. And to actually win Best Short Drama and have Dawn Heist recognised on an international level was a dream come true. Very professionally run even during COVID times. It’s the type of motivation one needs to get stuck into their next film.

    July 2021
  • Great festival ! If you are a mobile film maker don’t miss it !
    Now London welcomes your films ! I am very happy to participate to SMart and being selected. The communication level of the festival is wonderful. Thanks a lot and hope to see you again !

    July 2021
  • Raju R

    Amazing film festival for mobile filmmakers . Great team.

    July 2021