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  • Alev Baymur
  • Senai Demirci
  • Alev Baymur
  • Gokhan Karacik
    Key Cast
    "Yunus Emre"
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    Drama Documentary
  • Runtime:
    25 minutes
  • Production Budget:
    100,000 USD
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Distribution Information
  • Atlantik Medya
    Sales Agent
    Country: Turkey
    Rights: All Rights
Director Biography - Alev Baymur

Alev Baymur is a renowned Turkish Film, theatre/stage actor and Ballerina.

She started at the young age of 8 in the world of art and creativity. Her journey began at Hacettepe University at Ankara as she gradutated as a premier Soloist, Ballet, Piano, Solfege and Animation Expert. She has starred in notable Cinema,TV series and Feature Films in Turkey. She entered politics early 2002 and was the parliamentary candidate in the 2004 and 2008 elections. Her notable contributions include being a State ballet artist and member of the Turkish Olympic committee.

Alev Baymur established the first dance Agency at Turkey.
She directed successful musical plays “Abduction of Girl-Palace Fantastica” ,“Little Prince Musical” and the short movie called “SOMA”.
She has been on majorly popular television programs, including performance with Rudolf Nureyev in Istanbul Opera and Ballet Company.

Alev Baymur has spent 16 years working for government opera ballet as a soloist dancer, during this time she worked in movies and TV programs. She worked for 16 years at National Opera and Ballet of Istanbul.

She is an avid technology enthusiast; in a major step in Turkey’s ballet scene she introduced 3D and hologram when she became the director at opera ballet and musical.

Business Endeavors:

Alev Baymur has a range of successful business across the globe, primarily focusing on Turkey and United States of America. Some of her major initiatives are –

• Marketing, Strategy, Financial and Legal Services Company with the aim to build and apply knowledge of local culture, customs and regulations to ensure a smooth start-up and transition of operations for businesses:

• Ecommerce Portal dealing with Exquisite goods from the mystic Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

• Alev Baymur is an esteemed member of the Olympic committee in Turkey
She is on her sport program, where she manages the teachers. She wrote the book


• In 1990 "Small Worlds" best female actor in the drama.
• In 2018, he received the best animation award at the festival in Canada with the "Little Prince Musical".
• In 2018-2019, it received the best film award including Los Angeles Culver City Film Festival in 2 festivals in the USA with the "Little Prince Musical".
• He received the best music and best film awards at the festival in India with the "Little Prince Musical" in 2020-2021.
• He received the Most Creative Project Award at the US Los Angeles Culver City Film Festival with his short film "Soma".


1983 - The Wolf and the Lamb
1990 - Mr. President
1990 - Small World
1993 - Peace Fought
1993 - Untitled
1996 - Shadows
2000 - Fingers Of Lives
2000 - A Love Greenhouse


• 2013 - Abduction of Girl-Palace
• 2015 – 19 May Mapping Show Samsun
• 2016 - Little Prince Musical
• 2018 - City Theaters Anniversary Celebration Mapping show
• 2021 – “I am Omer” Documentary mapping show Governance of Istanbul

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Director Statement

I wanted to introduce these 3 characters who UNESCO Announced this year.
Ahi Evren's real name is Sheikh Nasreddin Mahmud el-Hoyî. He is the scholar, the great guardian, the founder and head of the Anatolian Ahi organization. Because he was one of the Ahi organization's founders, he was known as Ahi Evran. He was born in the Iranian city of Khoy in the West Azerbaijan Province. The sources have conflicting information on the date of birth. However, the consensus is that he was born in 1171.
He married Fatma, the daughter of Evhadu'd-din Kirmani, his sheikh. Fatma, who founded the world's first women's organization, Bacyan-Rum in Anatolia, was known Fatma Ana at the time.
Ahi Evren is a philosopher who put his idea of education holistically by directly reading the writings of Ibn Sina and Farabi and absorbing teachings from Fahrettin Razi. The primary objective of Ahi Evren was to incorporate scientific and experiential knowledge into the Ahi system and integrate it into daily living. Today, it remains the primary guide for commercial ethics.
He acquired his first schooling from Lokman Parende and followed Hoca Ahmed Yesevi's teachings (1103-1165). As a result, he is recognized as Yesevi's caliph. After arriving in Anatolia, he quickly gained recognition and trained valuable students. Hac Bektaş Veli made significant contributions to the formation of Anatolia's social structure during the Ottoman Empire's foundation phase through his affiliation with the "Ahi Organization."
Hac Bektaş Veli, who lived at Sulucakarahöyük (Hacbektaş) for the majority of his life, also died here. His grave is located in Nevşehir province's Hacibektas district.

Yunus Emre lived from 1241 to 1321. His burial is reported to be located in over a dozen locations, including Eskişehir (Mihalççık-Sarıköy), Karaman, Aksaray, Afyon, and Manisa. Almost every year, events are organized in all towns where Yunus Emre's grave is said to be found.
Yunus Emre, a devotee of the Ahmet Yesevi lineage, undoubtedly obtained an excellent madrasa education, acquired religious sciences here, and was fluent in Arabic and Persian.
The era of cleansing and maturity that began with his visit to Hacı Bektaş- Veli and lasted in Tapduk Emre's monastery is what led Yunus Emre to his genuine identity.
Yunus Emre concluded this process by presenting his mystical instruction to the audience as one of them, through the recitation and living of wise poems in their language.
This is why his poems have survived for almost 700 years.