Shasha Film Festival aims to acknowledge short films shot only by mobile phones. This festival will create space for young talents to compete, promote, expose, and challenge themselves amongst other filmmakers and storytellers given how rare the opportunities are for amateur talents outside the filmmaking industry.

Shasha MFF is accepting entries for

1. Shasha competition
2. One Minute one shot
3. Heya
4. Pocket Cinema

For registration and submissions for HEYA, 1 MINUTE 1SHOT, POCKET CINEMA, you must have an active TIKTOK account, upload your film on TIKTOK, and use the #SHASHAMFF and #heya or #1min_1shot or #pocket_cinema followed by filling an application on our website for your selected competition.

SHASHA Official Competition Golden Frame Award $10,000
SHASHA Official Competition Audience Award $2,000

Jury Award for
1. Heya Competition $1,500
2. 1 Minute 1 Shot $1,500
2. Pocket Cinema $1,500

Audience Award For
1. Heya Competition $1,000
2. 1 Minute 1 Shot $1,000
2. Pocket Cinema $1,000

SHASHA Mobile Film Festival is open for all filmmakers globally.

The festival aims to provide an opportunity to screen short films shot by mobile, including
narratives and distinctive cinematic language, whether they are fiction, documentary,
experimental or creative documentaries.

The festival also aims to screen the films that show human values with the aim of rejecting
violence, racism, and accepting others.

All film-makers participating in the festival pledge to preserve the copyrights of all film-based materials, including the approval of actors, the subjects of documentary films, and the archival or music material that they have the right to use in their work of art.

SHASHA Mobile Film Festival only accepts films that are shot by mobile, also samples of the main material filmed for the film and images from the filming site must be sent to prove this.

The director must be at least 18 years or older, and the festival will accept films from all countries, but there are some workshops or competitions that the festival committee may have specific criteria for participating.

Competitions and Conditions of participation

The festival presents four main pillars:

SHASHA Competition: Short and Featured documentary film competition that is shot by mobile. (Maximum 10 minutes)

HEYA Competition: A competition for female filmmakers, on topics related to women. (Max 3 mins)

ONE MINUTE – ONE-SHOT Competition: 1 shot in 1-minute competition (1 min)

POCKET CINEMA Competition: A competition with unrestricted Content (3 mins)

For registration and submissions for HEYA, 1 MIN 1SHOT, POCKET CINEMA, you must have an active TIKTOK account, upload your film on TIKTOK, and use the #SHASHAMFF and #heya or #1min_1shot or #pocket_cinema

Competition conditions:
1. All films must be shot by a mobile, using any external equipment for audio recording is allowed. Post-production (Editing / Color correction / Audio) can be done either on mobile or any other alternative apps or devices.
2. The film must be the participant’s personal creative idea.
3. The participant must be a minimum of 18 years old.
4. Participants must complete the form on the official website with all the required data about the film within the specified time period of receiving the films, all fields marked with * are mandatory and must be filled for registration to be accepted.
5. The festival will receive the participated films in (SHASHA Competition), whether raised on the Vimeo website with a password or on YouTube in an unlisted list.
6. The application/film can only be submitted by the producer or the director of the project. Applications made by any other persons will not be accepted
7. The film must be translated into English. However, a copy can be sent without translation if the main language is in English or Arabic, whereas the filmmaker undertakes to send a translated version if it is chosen to be a part of the festival screening.
8. Filmmakers cannot use more than 15% of online stock material from the whole film duration.
9. The rights of music usage document must be attached.
10. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the chosen participants upon finalizing the participant's list.
11. An incomplete registration will not be accepted.
12. Participants must submit proof of making that the film was shot by a mobile camera (i.e raw material, productions, BTS shots, etc.)

The year of film production from 2018 - 2020

The competition accepts short narrative and short documentary films up to ten minutes including the introduction & credentials.

The competition is focused on humanity topics that promote human values in general and will reject any films that are related to racism, promote violence or violates the rights of a distinct target group in society.