Write a 5 page, or less, short film script and inspire us with your visions of a better future.

There are many festivals and contests for short films, but none are focusing on optimistic Sci-Fi, a sub-genre that is devoted in showing an inspired optimistic future of what the human spirit can achieve. WELCOME dear script writers.

This writing contest challenges you to write a wonderful story that not only tells a wonderful dramatic story but to also inspire us with your vision of an optimistic future. Optimistic Sci-Fi has been inspiring us since the dawn of science and science fiction. The bar being set high with the likes of Star Trek, Babylon 5 and now the Orville just to name a few. The challenge is for you to write the same type of stories, or explore new type of stories, in a short format that awes and inspires us. Makes us laugh or cry, but more importantly gives us hope for a better future.

This is the first SFC short film script writing contest, and if it proves popular more will be run in the following years with the aim of evolving it to a short film festival. So every one is encouraged to give it a go, especially if you love optimistic Sci-Fi. Therefore by the end of this contest it is hoped that many of you will have a script ready for production, and are inspired to make more optimistic Sci-Fi. Winning the prize would definitely help, but it's hoped through this exercise you create something awesome and be inspired to make the short film yourself or with a group. Main thing is to have a go.

Please read the rules carefully. Following these rules will help your script to be more practical when you want to make your short film.

At the end of the contest all the submissions will be judged and winner announced on 31st August 2019 via live stream at SFC youtube channel Winner will be contacted to arrange for delivery of prize. Feedbacks can be provided upon request.

Sponsored by Masoud Varjavandi t/a Unity Productions, creator of the SFC project.

Best Optimistic Sci-Fi Short Film Script $500 - (If Winner is an SFC member they will receive an additional bonus $200) - Please note the prize money are in Australian dollars (AUD)

1. Script must be 5 pages or less (i.e. upto 5 minutes long)
2. Up to three main characters only
3. Science Fiction only, no fantasy or horror. Think spaceships, robots, rockets, space exploration, organic tech, future medicine/science etc.
4. Must be optimistic, or an optimistic twist (for examples see SFC original Sci-Fi Short Films)
5. Upto two locations
6. Must be your original work and you own all copyrights. By submitting your script you guarantee that it is your original idea/story ( fan film script or stories based on other films will not be accepted)