Write a 5 page, or less, short film script and inspire us with your visions of a better future.

This Year's Theme: UNITY

There are many festivals and contests for short films, but none are focusing on optimistic Sci-Fi, a sub-genre that is devoted in showing an inspired optimistic future of what the human spirit can achieve. If this is a vision you also share ….welcome to this contest!.

The objective of this contest is to encourage filmmakers to create more optimistic Sci-Fi.

This SFC Optimistic Writing Contest challenges you to write a wonderful story that not only tells a wonderful dramatic story but to also inspire us with your vision of an optimistic future. Optimistic Sci-Fi has been inspiring us since the dawn of science and science fiction. Makes us laugh or cry, but more importantly gives us hope for a better future.

This is the second year of the contest, and it run slightly different to last year. The contest is divided into nine months, you can submit a script per month. Each month the submitted scripts will be judged against each other and a finalist will be selected at the end of that month. Therefore by the end of the contest there will be nine finalists who will be judged by a panel of judges to win a prize or prizes. This will provide you with many opportunities to hone in your skill and keep improving your idea or ideas, but most importantly to get you into the habit of writing something every month. So what are you waiting for, go write your optimistic Sci-Fi script now :)

Sponsored by Masoud Varjavandi t/a Unity Productions, creator of the SFC project.

TBD soon - Please note the prize money are in Australian dollars (AUD)
Judges to be announced

This year the contest is slightly different. When you submit your script on a particular month then it'll be judged against the other contestants who submitted on that same month as well. By the end of the contest there will be one finalist selected for each month, making a total of nine finalists, to be judged and announced as winners.

Your script will be judged on:
1. Is it good drama?
2. Is there good science in the story?
3. Is it optimistic?
4. Usage of the theme? (2020 Theme is : UNITY)

1. Your script must be 5 pages or less, not including the title
2. One script only will be selected as finalist each month to be judged at the end of the contest as winner, or winners. So you can enter as many scripts as you like, we recommend you however to spread your submissions over many months for better chance of being selected.
3. Submissions are through FilmFreeway only.

NOTE: By submitting your script, or pitch idea, you guarantee that it is your original idea/story, and you own all the copyright ( fan film script or stories based on other films will not be accepted)