SFC Film Festival celebrates the human family building a better future and becoming a peaceful, ever advancing and united Space Faring Civilisation. The films we champion are the ones that have a positive message of the future, and stories of bettering humanity. Space exploration films are the core of what we do and champion, however we encourage story telling of all kinds that have a positive message in bettering humanity, at macro or micro level.

After our successful 2021and 2022 festival we are making it better in 2023, thank you to all who participated.

Watch previous years winning films to get an idea of what we are looking for at https://sfcfilms.space/programs/filmfest2022

Your film should fall into one of the following categories.
1. Positive films (documentary or narrative)
2. Space Documentary
3. Optimistic Sci-Fi
4. Educational (Space Science or Filmmaking)
5. Baha'i Inspired Films (i.e. films revolving around Baha'i Faith)

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Masoud (Festival Director)

There will be 3 screenings through out 2023.
1. Autumn 2023 screening 15 April 2023
2. Winter 2023 screening 01 July 2023
3. Spring 2023 screening 21 Oct 2023

For details please go to https://sfcfilms.space/pages/filmfestival

NOTE: This film festival is different. We don't give awards just for the sake of giving awards. This film festival is part of a bigger vision of creating a market for positive and space films, hence the licensing deal. Make sure you know what the licensing deal means. Ask the festival director if you're not sure. For more details of SFC Films and what we're trying to achieve please go to www.sfcfilms.space

All winners will receive a Laurel + Award certificate (pdf) + non-exclusive Licensing deal (refer to award levels below) + optional physical medal (if you can pick up or make arrangements for pick up, we no longer post physical items.)

There could be one or more winners for each award.


Cosmic Award (Major) - AU$1000 for feature films, or AU$300 for short films, Licensing deal for 3 years at www.sfcfilms.space

Galactic Award (Medium) - AU$500 for feature films, or AU$150 for short films, Licensing deal for 3 years at www.sfcfilms.space

Solar Award (Minor) - AU$200 for feature films, or AU$50 for short films, Licensing deal for 3 years at www.sfcfilms.space

Honourable mention - No cash prizes at this level however you will be given a Laurel, Digital Award certificate and option to have your film screened at festival and included in www.sfcfilms.space

PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. It is your responsibility to understand the terms and conditions before entering into this competition. If you are not sure of a particular point, please feel free to contact the Festival Director.
By submitting to SFC Film Festival you agree with the following Terms & Conditions:
1. The film is your original idea & creation and you hold all copyrights associated. No sales agents or distributors please. We expect to make the licensing deal with the submitters/producer of the film.

2. Your film will only receive a licensing deal if your film is not available freely on public sites, eg Youtube, Vimeo etc. Behind pay wall streaming services is acceptable.
3. You must be able to communicate in reasonable time. We will assume you are no longer interested in this festival if you do not respond to our e-mails. Make sure your e-mail address works, that's our main form of communication.
4. You permit SFC Films to use images or excerpts from your film to promote SFC Films and SFC Film festival.
5. Your film must be suitable for general public viewing, or at least PG. Horror, sexual, drug use, bad language or violent materials will not be accepted, unless they are in context of telling a story with positive message and are not glorifying these elements.
6. Submissions to positive film category may not have to be related to space or space science, however they must include a positive message of the future. They can be documentary or fiction.
7. Baha'i inspired films can be documentary or fiction but must centre around one or more of Baha'i teachings, concept, history or community. For more information please go to www.bahai.org .
8. Must be of high quality. Student films and videos can be experimental and learning projects, however make it the best you can. Minimum 1080P is accepted however 4K films are preferred for cinema screening purposes. We recommend that you have a DCP ready for your film if asked.

9. You will not submit the same film to multiple categories, choose the one that fits your project best.

Overall Rating
  • Timelapse México

    Greetings from Mexico. I wasn't able to assist but the communication and care taken with my film and the festival as a whole were apparent from the get go. Lovely vibe to the whole proceedings. Hope to be back!

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Julian. Hope to see more of your films in 2023. Keep making space films.

  • Joseph H

    The Space Fairing Civilisation Festival is bursting with enthusiasm and positivity. Masoud, the director, is a passionate and lively character, and evidently puts his all into making this festival a warm and hospitable celebration of Space Films. I was impressed with the quality of the film selections, and while it was more humble in size than expected, the in person festival and ceremony were a joy to be a part of.

    Thank you for awarding our film, Wonderfully Made, best Australian positive space film!

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Joseph, thank you so much. Your film is very heart warming. Keep making positive films.

  • Thank you very much for everything

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Rod :)

  • Tomasz Janczar

    Good vibes at this place! So positive and supportive. Masoud, great job!

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Well done Tomasz, can't wait to see your next film :)

  • Alan Robertson

    Fantastic experience! Would highly recommend anyone with an uplifting message about science considers submitting!

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Good on you Alan. Keep those educational videos coming, and take care of family. Also as member don't forget you can take part in our regular study circles and find like minded people to collaborate with. Well done mate .