Film Screenings - Sci-fi & Space Documentaries

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Sales End October 9, 2021

Event Date Oct 9, 2021 10:00 AM | Show Details Hide Details

EARLY BIRD PRICING CURRENTLY - This session we'll be screening the winners of the Optimistic Sci-Fi & Space Documentry sub categories, plus a few selected films by festival director. You can vote for the best films from the sub-category winners list. There'll be breaks in between screenings. Food and drinks are available for purchase at the venue. Also check out our sponsors exhibits, activities and demonstrations in between the screenings. Hurry and book your seats now while early bird pricing lasts.

SFC Film Festival Award Ceremony

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Sales End October 9, 2021

Event Date Oct 9, 2021 6:00 PM | Show Details Hide Details

Gala evening where winners will be presented with their awards, speeches and celebration. PLEASE NOTE: Winners of sub-categories and sponsors will get complementary passes, please check your complimentary passes before booking extra seats.

PLEASE NOTE: We've had to postpone the film festival due to continued lock down in Australia. For now we've disabled ticket sales. Please watch this space or subscribe to our mailing list to get updates.

All who are interested in Space exploration and Optimistic Sci-Fi are welcome. All films will be suited for general public viewing.