The aim of this festival is to develop the cultural awareness of the students of the member schools of the Southeastern European Cinema Schools Association; to screen the short films of the students and to present the films to other university students, as well as to bring together the filmmakers in order to have them share information and their experiences during the process of filmmaking.

* The award winners will receive a statue and a certificate

* The awards will be announced every year by the Advisory Committee. The awards may include money, scholarship and special awards.

* Without the written content of the Advisory Committee of the festival, no award or scholarship can be awarded.

* The competition films can be no longer than 30 minutes.

* All competition films must be subtitled in English.

* The competition films must have been made a maximum of two years prior the festival date.

* All films will need to have been approved by the schools’ dean or department heads in order to apply to the festival.

The films need to be uploaded to the link indicated on the festival website, with the H264 codec or mp4 format (720*576) in order to apply to the festival