Sarah Cole is a modern professional looking for it all. Her Madison Avenue career is on the rails. Christopher Maldonado is an Bronx movie critic who moonlight's during the day as an NYC Public Bus Driver. In 2003, the post 9/11 new millenium has not started the way either of them imagined. Their love for the movies almost destroys them both. Love and the American dream gets tested but ultimately the dream finds its way home through love with Sarah and Chris.

Brigid Isistan and Sarah Cole work in the public relations arm of CMN, a subsidiary called Morgan Cherry Media. They are on notice to bring in something fresh, and something big if their dream of media stardom is ever going to take flight. If they don't distinguish themselves, somebody else surely shall. Time to move up or move out, and they know it.
How do they do it? Simple, they take the office joke of the back round noise used yearly as visual wallpaper at the CMN Oscar Party bash and turn them into media darlings as nationally syndicated movie review show superstars. Through everyone they know, and more importantly everyone they don't know at CMN but hope to impress, they do what they do best. They take nothing, beginning with two unknowns, and make them the next Siskel and Ebert.
Finally for each of them, it’s about Love.
It’s about who they love, how they love and why they love.
Welcome to ScreenBall.

  • David M Power
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  • Genres:
    Romantic Comedy
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
    Los Angeles, CA USA
    April 5, 2018
Writer Biography - David M Power

David M Power's 115 page Romantic Comedy feature screenplay is entitled "ScreenBall". This script recently has been honored by being selected as a Finalist in the Robert McKee Foundation's 2018 Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship.

David M. Power's also has an original 117 page feature screenplay entitled, "MARTHA & GEORGE", is an Historical/Biopic feature based on the lives of Martha & George Washington. "Martha & George" has been most recently selected as a Semi-Finalist in the 2019 Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival. The script also is a Quarter Finalist in ScreenCraft's 2019 Public Domain Contest. "Martha & George" has other credits. The script is a Finalist in the 2019 Richmond International Film and Music Festival. "Martha & George" also won the "Best Screenplay" at the 2018 Honolulu Film Awards. Another version entitled, "No Kings in America", received a Finalist Selection in the All Drama & Family category for the 2018 Creative World Awards. "No Kings in America" also was a Finalist in 2018 Southern California Screenplay Competition. Similarly, his script was an Official Blockbuster Selection at the 2017 Oaxaca FilmFest ( The First American ). "Crystal Nation", the adapted short focusing on The Washington’s early life during the French & Indian War was honored to be 1 of 3 Scripts selected by the 2018 Tulsa American Film Festival Reading Series.

David is the distinguished holder of multiple degrees. Since 2011, David Power is a Focused Visualization Meditation Facilitator in Golden DNA Facilitation & DNA Masters Activation from the Higher School for Conscious Evolution in Malibu, CA & Cancun, Mexico. The Meditation practice and its protocols are named: OneLovePower. This practice aligns each of us with the infinite awareness of the quantum field. The awareness enables all to co-create in the energy of the sentient gradient. It utilizes the immortal and eternal languages within the ultra-dimensional geomancy of light, color, symbol and sound. The guiding principle activating and engaging these languages is Unconditional and Divine Love. In 2008, he completed an Associates Certification in Mind- Sound Meditation Facilitation from Mind Sound Science Technology in Chennai, India. MInd-sound technology utilizes encoded sound to actualize the individual mind at its best operational frequencies. The actualization integrates the self within the Great Silence in all matters and forms. Harmonizing oneself to the abundance creates the pathways that are to be experienced in a time/space duality as a life worth living instead of enduring a life of survival.

David has also travelled the planet in the fashion industry as a top Model with Donna Karan Menswear, DKNY USA and Pal Zileri Menswear in Milan, Italy. In the previous millenium, from 1983-1987, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics from Brandeis University. While there he capped his athletic career as the Captain of the 1987 Men’s Basketball Team.

David resides in New York City and is married to his love of
30 years, Lauren.

Together they are blessed with a beautiful son.

Unique traits: Hopefully a decent sense of humor. The philosophy I aspire to live by is: "Take what you do seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously."

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Writing is a joy, a lonely and consistent unrelenting joy.