Scandinavian International Film Festival (SCIFF) is proud to advance into its third annual, world-class event. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the mission of this exclusive film festival: The Scandinavian International Film Festival serves as a cinematic cultural template for emerging, talented filmmakers who wish to express their uniqueness through the lens of past excellence while exposing themselves to the latest innovative concepts in the arts.
THE SCANDINAVIAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is considered as culture high level event in Helsinki, Finland.
SCIFF creates a wonderful screening environment allowing participants to feature their films in the high quality venues available to the audience in Helsinki. Professionals and industry makers will be invited to evaluate best work to be awarded in the end of the Festival.
The SCIFF’s objective is to highlights today’s conflicts such as Racism, Radicalism and Human crises issues to the Scandinavian and European audience by edifying and developing the Finnish and the international cinematic community, who focuses and faces those topics. This objective cannot be achieved without tight, talented and strong films and filmmakers.

The Selection Committee carefully assesses each film and screenplay submission and then reaches a final consensus based a set of internal criteria. The main factors they look for are excellence in topic, technique and originality. Films of any genre are accepted for submission. Awards Are:
Nordic Aurora Award for Best Feature Film.

Nordic Aurora Award for Best Short Film.

Nordic Aurora Award for Best Documentary Film.

Nordic Aurora Award for Best Animated Film.
Honorable Mention:
– Best Actor
– Best Actress
– Best Director

Nordic Aurora as award of recognation

All winners how are interesting to receive the Trophy have to pay the management and delivery costs.

Trophies are able to be shipped to the winners by the cheapest post methods. The responsibility of the delivering limited to the sending process. We are not responsible of lose, damages accused by the delivery companies. The participant is responsible for arranging shipment.


By SCIFF standards any film that is 50 minutes and over in length is considered a feature film. All films must carry English Subtitles. All films which are selected / nominated for the Festival will be informed by emails & listed on our websites. Feature Films can carry any subject respecting humanity issues and cultures topics. The SCIFF carries on this tradition and makes way for new developments in feature films by selecting original, unique features to screen at the festival.

The Scandinavian International Film Festival is dedicated to screening documentary films on a variety of subjects. Human Rights issues, life stories, environmental topics, unique, spiritual and unordinary topic will be on focus this year.

Any film that is 1 minute to 49 min 59 sec in length is considered a short film. We are focusing on filmmakers how are trying to introduce unique and new ideas and films. The Film Festival will pay special attention to this category in order to give this special film category the attention it deserves.

Over the last two centuries, animation film technology has advanced from flip books to 3D animation and CGI. When selecting animated films for competition, the SCIFF will pay special attention to topic and quality. The filmmakers are committed to screen the selected films.

The festival can use all the material that is submitted to the festival including the posters and trillers wthout .

The festival own the unlimited screening rights for the selected films. No screening fees will be paid. The festival owns the rights not screen all the selected films. The festival own the right to screen all selected film in the festival sub-events.

The Nordic aurora- trophy is available to be send to the winners all around the world. However the receiver is responsible for any damage or lost of the sent trophy. Notice that the shipping cost should be payed by the winner. Notice the the festival have the rights to change or update the shape and the material of the Trophies.

Your film should be able for downloading by 15.8.2018 by 16:00 Helsinki local time!!!
PLEASE make the access to the download link as soon as possible (The film and the promo). All selected film have to be downloaded. The films that have not made the access available for downloading before 15.8.2018 will be withdrawn from the program.

Overall Rating
  • Anastasia Nezhivaia

    The festival was actually really great!

    Thanks for organizing SCIFF and selection of out film!

    December 2018
  • Dania Moussa

    enriching experience, genuine care, and warm hearts
    thank you for this opportunity <3

    October 2018
  • Aleksi Mörttinen

    Thank you for organizing this wonderful festival, and thank you for screening and awarding our film! Hopefully this festival goes on as it has a very genuine goal of promoting filmmakers who think outside the box and tackle important themes.

    October 2018
  • Darren Danny

    great festival thanks for having us looking forward to see you again next year

    October 2018
  • Steven Gebert

    Great festival, so happy to have had 'Boom goes Julian' screened.

    October 2018