Driven by ambition, family pressure, and the hope for a better life, three friends aspire to become famous stars but lack direction in their budding careers.

Coco struggles to make a mark with his music; Meor tries his luck at stunt acting but keeps getting shortchanged by his stunt studio; Sazali’s mediocre acting skills only land him extra roles.

Savings are drying up, and their families back home stop sending money as they lose faith in their star ambitions. The three friends struggle to pay rent, let alone survive in the big city. Amidst the relentless trials of life, they meet a homeless, mute boy who is a victim of domestic abuse. Coco is determined to protect him.

However, they still need to earn an honest living on their own. Coco sells his original songs to recording companies but receives little compensation in return. Meor constantly struggles to receive payment for his stunt acting endeavors, often finding his efforts in vain. Sazali, being an extra, can't make much income either. In a desperate attempt to make ends meet, they embark on a last-ditch effort at achieving stardom by becoming street performers in Bukit Bintang.

Their busking act eventually catches the attention of Fifa and Didi, two socially media-savvy teenagers. Recognizing the talent and potential of the three friends, Fifa and Didi propose to film their act and upload it on various social media platforms such as YouTiup, KetikKetok, U-Geram, Twet Twet, and Pagebook. Taking on the role of their manager, the girls also lend a hand in giving the three friends a complete makeover, aiming to enhance their social media appeal and overall presence.

Their videos quickly go viral, propelling them into overnight sensations. In the wake of their newfound fame, they dub themselves Tetiber U-tuber (Overnight U-tuber). The song created by Coco finds its way into the mass media, with a new singer (BBNU) frequently heard performing it. However, Coco is left disheartened and betrayed as he doesn't receive proper credit for his work. Feeling oppressed and realising his naivety in the creative industry, Coco grapples with a sense of disappointment and betrayal.

They are fortunate to continue receiving support from their neighbours in their local community. Aunty Popo, the owner of the grocery shop, and Kak Zazleen, a caring neighbour, are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Finally, Coco's songs gain mainstream attention, propelling him into the spotlight. Sazali manages to secure lucrative modelling and acting jobs despite his lack luster talent. Meor, with his exceptional skills on the skateboard and roller blades, is on his way to becoming an action star and a teen idol.

Fame starts to take a toll on their friendship as the three friends slowly drift apart from their initial intention of simply becoming famous.(#pemes) Due to disputes over each other's contributions to the group, fans pitting them against each other, and disagreements regarding royalty shares, among other factors, they begin to fight over even the tiniest issues, including who receives more mentions and likes in their videos.

Despite the strained relationship, Tetiber U-Tuber manages to achieve a win at the Malaysian Digital Awards. On stage, they put up a facade of a happy "brotherhood," but backstage quarrels ensue, ultimately leading to their decision to part ways.

Eventually, the three friends come to the realisation that fame and money are not worth sacrificing their lifelong friendship. The mute boy, missing his "brothers" dearly, especially Coco, who cares for him the most and shares the closest bond, yearns for their reunion.


  • Nin Bin Zizan
    Telemovies (A Christmas Hug, Papa Jinak Singa, Api Cinta Ramadan, Opah Jangan Lupa)
  • Mohd Amin Bin Muhammad Haffez
  • Md Isa Bin Syarizan
    Telemovies (A Christmas Hug, Papa Jinak Singa, Api Cinta Ramadan, Opah Jangan Lupa, Mimpi Sumi, Salji Untuk Mabel, Bujang Inc, Bertemu Kasih, Romeo Vs Juliet), TV drama series (Fajar Di Bukhara, Fatamorgana, Sambal Kerang Najwa, Misteri Mona, Roxy)
  • Hazvee Muhammad Shah Radhi
    Key Cast
  • Zainul Hakim Syazani Zikry
    Key Cast
  • Zulkarnain Nur Iman
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 42 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    June 28, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    200,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
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  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
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    Country: Malaysia
    Rights: All Rights
    Country: Singapore
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    Country: Brunei Darussalam
    Rights: All Rights
Director Biography - Nin Bin Zizan

Full name: Azizan Bin Nin
Stage name: Zizan Nin
Date of Birth: 17th May 1973 Age: 50
Occupation: Actor, Producer, Film Director, Tv Presenter & Creative Content Consultant
Address: Aquila Emas Sdn Bhd, 36-2 Jalan Danau Lumayan 1, Danau Lumayan Business Park, 56000 Cheras Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA Tel : 603-91716918 Fax 603-91715918 Mobile: 019-2244244
Email: Media social: Facebook/ Instagram/Twitter/ Tik Tok: zizannin

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Director Statement


The title "Sazali Meor Coco" (SMC) refers to the names of the three main actors in the film, who also form the core characters driving the narrative, while they collectively adopt the group name Tetiber U-Tuber, simply mean (an overnight youtuber)
As they venture naively into the bustling metropolis of Kuala Lumpur with their modest skills and a casual disregard for the power of modern technology and social media's potential exploitation, they hold onto dreams of becoming overnight stars.

However, they remain oblivious to the harsh reality of the entertainment industry, learning the hard way that fame isn't a swift achievement but a slow and arduous journey. The focus isn't solely on their struggles; it extends to other individuals wrestling with their personal dilemmas. These supporting characters include Aunty Popo, an elderly woman marginalized by her own children, Zazleen, a mother of four coping with an absent husband; and a mute and deaf runaway child, victimized by abuse and finding refuge beneath a bridge amidst a community of homeless individuals. These portrayals mirror economic and social challenges prevalent in urban centers globally.

To evoke a deeper emotional connection, I introduced the character of the mute and deaf boy, who serves as both a storyteller and a conduit to the audience's emotions. Through his heartfelt narrative, he offers a unique perspective, effectively functioning as a third eye that directly engages the audience and draws them into the multifaceted tapestry of the story.

The essence of "Sazali Meor Coco" lies in it’s pursuit of hope, redemption, and the elusive opportunity for a breakthrough, while the characters navigate the intricate paths of their lives, consistently striving and seeking the illuminating beacon of light.

Driven by this thematic essence and drawing from my own experiences, both as an actor and a producer over the span of nearly 25 years, I felt an undeniable urge to bring this film to life. The resonance between the characters' quests and my personal journey motivated me to delve into their stories and craft a narrative that mirrors our shared experiences. The transition from actor to producer to director has allowed me to witness the ebb and flow of talent in the industry, observing individuals ascending from the bottom rungs to the zenith of success, only to sometimes fade from the limelight.

This dynamic inspired me to explore the intricacies of the entertainment world, drawing parallels to my own trajectory and offering an authentic portrayal of the industry's highs and lows. Just as the characters yearn for light, I, too, am on a quest for illumination through storytelling and filmmaking.

In directing this movie, I hold two fundamental philosophies that shape the essence of the film:

i) Equal Opportunity in the Digital Age: Within this era of boundless technology and connectivity, I firmly believe that anyone possesses the potential to attain fame. The world is now a borderless realm, and this context offers "Sazali Meor Coco" a significant advantage in capturing attention and ascending to fame, chiefly through the channels of social media applications. This aspect of the narrative is poised to resonate with contemporary audiences, reflecting the accessible avenues through which recognition can be achieved in today's digital landscape.

ii) Professionalism and Consistency in Success: As the characters progress towards fame and acknowledgment, I underscore the importance of self-sufficiency that accompanies recognition. This phase signifies a transition to professional conduct within their chosen fields. A steadfast commitment to their aspirations and direction, coupled with the ability to set aside personal disagreements, is paramount. The characters must embrace professionalism as they navigate the complexities of their journey, maintaining a resolute focus on their goals despite personal challenges or differences, thereby contributing to a deeper thematic exploration within the film.

These philosophies not only underscore the narrative's contemporary relevance but also offer profound insights into the dynamics of the entertainment industry and the personal growth that accompanies the pursuit of fame.

iii) Embracing Equality and Promising Futures: A central theme of "Sazali Meor Coco" revolves around the concept of equality, magnified through the underprivileged boy character. Throughout the narrative, the boy finds solace and protection within the care of the trio’s i.e. Sazali Meor Coco, signifying their compassion and willingness to uplift others. This responsibility eventually shifts to Aunty Popo, ensuring that the boy's rights are upheld, granting him access to education and safeguarding his well-being in compliance with legal standards. This narrative arc serves as a powerful allegory, reinforcing the message that everyone, regardless of their background, is entitled to a promising and bright future when presented with the right opportunities and support. The film underscores the potential for positive change and the impact of collective efforts in reshaping destinies, resonating deeply with the values of equality and empowerment.
Before reaching an agreement, I communicated my distinct vision and interpretation to the producer, expressing the need for revisions to align the script with my creative intentions. After extensive discussions with the writer, I incorporated additional elements into the narrative, specifically addressing pressing social issues such as child abuse, urban poverty, the plight of neglected seniors, disregarded families, and common workplace injustices like underpayment and exploitation of talented individuals. These thematic layers were interwoven into various scenes, highlighting the contrast between successful individuals adept at manipulation and the genuine struggles faced by the three protagonists.
My aspiration for the film was to establish a distinct language, both tonally and structurally. I aimed to avoid a conventional narrative approach that solely conveys information, instead striving to provide an experiential journey reflective of my own encounters in the industry. I wanted the film to resonate emotionally with the audience, allowing them to empathize with my journey in the world of filmmaking.
Maintaining a delicate balance between evoking emotional impact without overwhelming the audience became paramount. As I grappled with this challenge, I found the key lay in juxtaposing the trio's harrowing experiences with their unyielding hope and joy. The film's dynamic interplay between pathos, humor, irreverence, and elation was a deliberate effort to create an emotionally resonant and unpredictable viewing experience, steering away from monotony and ensuring the narrative remained engaging, authentic, and captivating.
In my pursuit of bringing my vision to life, I ventured into uncharted territory, experimenting with various techniques and even inventing some along the way. One significant approach was the creation of a nostalgic ambiance, using visual elements to evoke a sense of a bygone era and the subsequent loss of that world. Sound and music played a pivotal role, and I enlisted the expertise of the award-winning composer in Malaysia, Ms. Sharon Paul to craft the score. Six original songs were composed, each weaving its own narrative, and I contributed as a co-lyricist for two of them. To counterbalance the weight of the subject matter carried by the characters, I infused vibrant visuals and minimalist graphics in the form of doodles, aiming to both illuminate the narrative's depth and provide a fresh visual perspective for the audience.

My overarching objective was to craft a compelling and distinctive film tailored for audiences aged 13 and above, seamlessly merging entertainment with education. I sought to reveal the inner workings of the film industry, highlighting the role and impact of technology and social media in our lives today. By successfully integrating social and economic themes as a moral imperative, I strived to create "entertainment with a message."

As the storyline unfolds, the group #TetiberU-Tuber (an overnight youtubers) achieves stardom at the Malaysia Digital Award, only to see their camaraderie and brotherhood crumble due to a seemingly trivial dispute—determining who among them garnered the highest viewer likes. It's disheartening to witness their friendships fracture for the sake of likes, shares, and followers, a stark contrast to the unity they once embodied at the outset.

This serves as a poignant reminder that popularity, though tempting like a mirage, can be ephemeral. Many who pursue happiness through social media overlook the reality that they can vanish in an instant due to the ever-evolving realm of technology. Talent and fame, on their own, don't guarantee success. The omnipresence of social media technology doesn't equate to control over everything. In the contemporary landscape, success revolves around content creation. This is the business and life nowadays, it’s all about content.

In conclusion, the film encapsulates these multifaceted themes and dynamics, offering a thought-provoking and resonant portrayal of the modern era.

End - Zizan Nin