The artistic survival instinct and the strong lack of 'going-on-stage' that Filippo Brunetti suffered from Covid-19 pandemic triggered the urge to find a solution, reviving his work and people's curiosity.
A garden greenhouse as a space of freedom. "SAX-OH!" is the musical clown that germinates within it, appearing as an oasis in the desert.
Displayed as a rare exotic specimen, SAX-OH! exhibits multiple creative processes and plays free improvised music with his saxophone.
His music is not light, but slippery, rough, dripping, alarming, joyful: making noise in the silence of that time, to continue to bear witness to the state of the art.

  • Filippo Brunetti
  • Marco Cini
  • Filippo Brunetti
  • Filippo Brunetti
  • Marco Cini
  • Filippo Brunetti
    Key Cast
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  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Experimental, Music Video, Short
  • Genres:
    Documentary, comedy, drama, musical
  • Runtime:
    30 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    October 4, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    5,000 EUR
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Director Biography - Filippo Brunetti, Marco Cini

Graduated at “Istituto d’Arte A. Apolloni” in Fano Italy.
He has developed his theatrical and artistic abilities through many workshops attended in Italy and thanks to his family.
Among the great maestros he has been studying he likes to mention: Eugenio Allegri, Paolo Nani, Andrè Casaca, Yves Lebreton, and last but not least Jef Johnson who taught him the art of being a clown. Juggler from 2005, he started as self-taught and then was specifically trained on this by juggler maestros such as Wes Peden, Caio Sorana e Stefan Sing.
From 2014 the professional focus on his career bloomed with a very specific attention to contemporary clown arts, and creative juggling.
These disciplines are all expressed fully in the shows he holds in many Italian squares, Festival of street art and little theaters, and with "L'Onironauta" show in 2017 he won clown mention in Biennale MArtelive of Rome. From 2016 his research has been oriented on improvisations practice after meeting Jef Johnson.
From 2018 he has become a passionate of “free improvisation music” and contemporary
So he has started again to play Saxophone, studied when he was a child in the local banda of the town, now with a new and spontaneous/experimental approach. A new exploration on musical clown art has started from this love for music. In 2020/2021 while the show biz was still and there was Pandemia spreading around the world, inside a greenhouse, the project “SAX-OH!” sprang up, an hybrid in between the
artistic installation and the work of a musical busker clown, covid-proof. The artistic actions of this project are recounted in a docu-video, shot and edited by Marco Cini, costumes realized by his companion Adele Cini. The project has been realise with the contribute of Marche Region / Assessorato alla Cultura and AMAT inside "Marche Palcoscenico Aperto".
The project expands outside greenhouse in “SAXOH! ORCHESTRA” project.

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Director Statement

Polyhedric and polyphonic fantasist with his gaze projected into the future of art, he lives in the here and now without losing his memory. A genius stupidity that takes the audience into another reality, where everything is possible.