The “MacGuffin” is a “JINN”
“A JINN is A Mythical creature, Jinn or djinn are supernatural creatures in Islamic
mythology as well as pre-Islamic Arabian mythology”
“Karma you can see at a price you cannot afford to pay”

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    Screenplay, Television Script
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Writer Biography

Skilled Creative Director overseeing writers, designers and artists to accomplish challenging objectives.
Excellent communicator, problem solver and detail-oriented coordinator proficient in business operations and
client needs. Enthusiastic and eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and
excellent organizational skills. Clear understanding of character development and biographies with training in
creating characters from conception. Motivated to learn, grow and excel in film and television. Committed to
the complete design with over 20 years of industry experience. Innovative with a passion for developing
creative teams to execute seamless productions. Quality-driven and ready to apply over 20 years of experience
with your prestigious company. Familiar with television and film client request, communication strategies and
marketing standards to complete productions and get quality results. Able to Handle administrative tasks,
maintain various Google Docs, update and edit calendars, organize and schedule team meetings, newsletters,
and ideas. Monitor social media for relevant events. Conduct meetings for production staff and crew members
while managing basic tasks. I am proficient in storytelling and script writing. I meet multiple daily deadlines.
A proactive thinker with the ability to think of not just the next step, but to anticipate the one after that. I am
familiar with web production tools. Most certainly, I am a meticulously creative professional, excellent at
juggling multiple tasks and working under pressure. Broad industry experience includes Motion Pictures,
Television, Theater, Commercials, and Stage Plays. Action-oriented with a strong ability to communicate
effectively with technology, executives, business clients, and audiences. Extensive project management

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