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Family is everything — And then some.
A recently-divorced Mormon single-mom with 4 kids, 3 ex-husbands, and an estranged father who insists on living with her, finds part-time work tailing adulterers for a small PI agency. But when she stumbles upon and begins to unravel what turns out to be the largest cartel money laundering operation in Utah history, her tenacious drive and stubborn demand for the truth puts her life and the lives of her family in danger.

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    Television Script
  • Genres:
    Drama, Crime, Humor
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    United States
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Writer Biography

Craig Houchin's screenplay, LUDLOW, won First Place in the FINAL DRAFT BIG BREAK SCREENWRITING CONTEST and is in development with David Permut at Permut Presentations.

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Writer Statement

My TV pilot, SAINT MARTI, is a contemporary crime and family drama set in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is told with humor, drama, suspense and action. Imagine a Fargo-Breaking Bad vibe with warring families of Mormons, Cartels, Polynesian and Mexican gangs, local cops (straight and crooked), and the FBI (straight and crooked).

All just ‘families’ looking out for themselves.

I like to write drama that intersperses the light and dark of life. Where moments of wrenching emotion are accented or countered with moments of character-driven humor or levity.