The first ever Ryan Road Fest has begun. An all out genre online film festival. We are looking to showcase films from around the world that are no longer than 30 minutes and nothing less than 2 minutes. Send us your horror, your science fiction, action films and comedy. Give us something with an artistic, rebellious, voice that isn't afraid to push some limits.

Like we said, the event will be held online. But where online? On our company website which you can find right here:

The films will be screened on the website to watch and the event will be promoted to the masses for people to log on to the site and tune into the selections. This will all take place on the week of November 16th, 2020. Winner will be announced the following week.

Top prize for the top film and filmmaker at this years event will be a cash prize of $500 dollars and will be promoted on our website.

As well as the option to develop future projects with the company behind the film festival, The Ryan Road Company.


Nothing longer than 30 minutes. Nothing shorter than 2 minutes is what we are looking for.