Rumors of Kane's transfer are making the manager uncomfortable"Not good for Tottenham, not good for Kane"

Manager Enze Postecoglu said it was not good that the rumors of Harry Kane's transfer were prolonged.

Kane is currently linked with big clubs outside the English Premier League, such as Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Stories continue to pour in that teams in need of a striker have approached Kane to recruit him, who is currently considered one of the world's top strikers, and even handed over an offer. Some reported that Kane had completed an individual agreement with Munich, and that only the agreement between the clubs remained.

Nothing is definite. Tottenham Hotspur will not sell Kane, and even if it does, it maintains a position that it will sell it at a high transfer fee, but it is difficult to say that its attitude is certain. However, it is not possible to renew the contract with Kane. According to local UK reports, Tottenham offered Kane a huge salary and a new offer that guaranteed his life after retirement, but Kane is known to have no intention of accepting the new contract until the transfer market is over. The longer Kane's transfer rumors go, the more Tottenham fans are bound to get tired.

It's not just the fans who are tired. Manager Postecoglu said that he felt uncomfortable about Kane's transfer, saying that the prolonged rumors of Kane's transfer were not good for Kane or Tottenham.

The British 'Telegraph' said, "Director Postecoglu insisted that he was not comfortable with Kane's current situation and urged the club to decide Kane's future."

"It's natural to say that I'm not comfortable with it," said Postecoglu. Kane is a great person. I don't work on the Kane transfer theory, but I know that the first question I'll be asked every time I talk to you is the Kane transfer theory. So I think I have to deal with this part, and I don't want to drag it on for too long. I don't think this is good for Kane or the club," he said, expressing his thoughts on Kane's move.

There are about 3 weeks left until the start of the league. In this situation, no manager would welcome a key striker's whereabouts remaining unclear. Director Posteco Glu has clearly expressed his discomfort with this part in his public appearances.


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