Roxie Roz Burlesque is a collective of performers who celebrate the art of the tease in both vintage and contemporary styles embracing all genres of striptease. Our performers are dancers, drag, singers, comedians, poets, actors, film makers, visual artists and beyond. Roxie Roz serves as a conduit it in the arts community and we aim to bring burlesque representation to all creative mediums and forms of philanthropy.

We seek to find the best of independent short films to present at our shows throughout the year ...

"The Roxie Roz Burlesque Show" showcases a whole lotta striptastic performances and late night comedy fun, live music & film. (more traditional format - short films will be screened pre-show)

"The Roxie Roz Burlesque Experience" is an artistic immersive evening featuring burlesque performances alongside song, film, visual storytelling & scripted works. (experimental format - short films will be integrated into the narrative of the show)

3 to 5 films will be selected for each show.

For a detailed list of our Roxie Roz Events, please refer to :

We accept films from every genre, including- but not limited to- drama, horror, comedy, sci-fi, documentary, music video, experimental, student film, etc. The only requirement is that it be GREAT!


1. ANY FILM WE RECEIVE IS ELIGIBLE FOR ANY SCREENING. We have several screenings per year. Ideally our submission period would be open indefinitely, but FilmFreeway requires us to set an end date. Therefore we've made each year a different season. To be clear, the films we receive in a given season (2019 for example), will be eligible for any event we have in 2019, 2020, 2021, etc. Your film is always in contention and does not need to be resubmitted in the next season.

2. THE STATUS OF ALL FILMS WILL BE CHANGED TO "SEMI-FINALIST." FilmFreeway does not allow us to leave the status of a film "undecided" indefinitely. Eventually the system will automatically change the status to "not selected." The only way to prevent this (as suggested to us by the FilmFreeway tech support staff) is to change the status of all the films to "semi-finalist."

TO SUMMARIZE: On the notification date your film's status will be changed to "semi-finalist" in Roxie Roz Burlesque. We ask that you PLEASE DISREGARD any notification you receive regarding this status change. It is not indicative of a decision being made about your film, it's a trick we have to play on the FilmFreeway system in order to make sure your film remains eligible for future screenings. As stated earlier, your film will always be in the running for all our future screenings, but you will receive an email from us if it's selected. If you haven't heard from us, your film has not yet been picked and it is still in contention.

Each film screened will receive exclusive "Official Selection" laurels.

Films must be submitted through our FilmFreeway page and conform to all rules and guidelines set out by FilmFreeway. Since the series is ongoing, you only need to submit your film once and it will remain in consideration for future screenings. Once a submission fee has been paid it will not be refunded.

The lineup for each screening will be publicly announced two weeks prior to the show. Notifications will be sent out to entrants one prior to the screening.

A film may be withdrawn from consideration at any time for any reason until it has been selected for screening. No refunds will be given for withdrawals. Once a film has been selected for screening and the entrant notified of the selection, the film may not be withdrawn for any reason.

By submitting, the entrant agrees that all content in the film is their original work and/or they have obtained all necessary rights and permissions to screen the project as well as any copyrighted, trademarked, or proprietary material contained within. Entrants may be asked to show proof that they have permission to elements of the work that fall into question. Any work found to violate copyright laws will be immediately disqualified without refund. Entrant assumes any and all responsibility for any legal issues arising from the screening of the work they submit.