An alcoholic witch wakes the spirit of her dead father, but finds herself with explosive newfound powers and hunted by the cult who murdered him.

  • Kira Borrowdale
    Living Different, Murder Book, Anima, The Charley Horse, Haunted Dollhouse.
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Kira Borrowdale

Kira Borrowdale is an Off-Broadway and TV actress-turned-screenwriter creating high concept, female-driven, horror/thriller content. She was called to acting in early adolescence after seeing the prized film, GIRL, INTERRUPTED, which has since deeply impacted her need to tell stories driven by mental illness, unusual women, and their demons. She is the co-founder of a writers group in New York City called Women of the Word, a place for female-identifying writers to find creative shelter and transform pain into art. She has taken a different approach in writing only what she is afraid of, which lends to her preferred horror/thriller genres, but more so to subject matter that stunts the emotional evolution of humanity.

Kira has just completed a supernatural short film, THE AUDIENCE, produced by The Soho House. Additionally, she has several projects ready-for-production including an ethereal short silent film on women's issues over a hundred years, a horror feature on an isolated neuroatypical child raised by an animated doll, a horror/thriller TV series on a mentally ill witch fighting a white supremacist cult, and a raunchy sitcom on Trumpers and a murder gone wrong in the Everglades. Based out of New York City and Los Angeles, Kira is currently studying under Emmy Award-winning screenwriter, Jacob Krueger at Jacob Krueger Studios' lab for personally selected writers, and Pulitzer Prize-nominated author, Stephen Molton.

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Writer Statement

Astronomers call the North Star “finding Polaris”, the single point at which the entire northern sky turns. In a way, it is where the soul and mind meet. Astrologers refer to this point as one’s “true north,” the axis point which contains the karmic lessons one must overcome to reach equilibrium. Before ROXANNE was born, I met my true north through a life-threatening car accident that took me on a bedridden journey through purgatory for half a turn around the sun. My shadow self was abandoned in a junkyard along with the ill choices that brought me there, and what remained were the lost fragments of who I once was. I was not a writer, but in the name of survival, I became one. I created ROXANNE.

I built a character who was exactly like me at my absolute worst; chaotic, explosive, selfish, impulsive, a lush. I never had a mother, so I took away hers; my father was diagnosed with cancer, so I killed hers; I was emotionally erratic, so I burdened her with psychosis. A morally questionable anti-heroine is exciting, but in reaching these depths of rage within myself, ROXANNE healed me and forced me into rediscovering my light. There is a power in watching a woman rise from utter rage and helplessness to becoming a sort of superhero. I hope that ROXANNE, however extreme, can encourage readers and viewers alike to confront their chaos, “woman up,” and find Polaris.