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***Rough Cut***

  • Dionne charmaine Walker
  • Dionne Walker
    Art Jamaica
  • Dionne Walker
    The Hard Stop
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    8 minutes 35 seconds
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Director Biography - Dionne charmaine Walker

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visual arts. films. + the city

Dionne is BAFTA and BIFA nominated filmmaker. Her last theatrically released project, as writer- lead producer, was the critically acclaimed feature-length documentary The Hard Stop (2015). From early stages she perceived the subject crucial for independent cinema and secured funding from Bertha Foundation, Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program, Brit Doc and British Film Institute. Dionne has also been involved with a number of documentary projects including The Fighting Spirit (2007), Black Voters Speak (2010) and One People: The Celebration (2012). She has been taking photographs and curating debate series for over 20 years.

迪昂是英国电影和电视艺术学院(BAFTA)奖和英国独立电影奖(BIFA)的提名电影人。她上一部的院线影片是2015年的备受赞誉的纪实长片《The Hard Stop》,她身兼二职--编剧和主要制作人。从项目早期筹备开始,她就意识到影片主题对独立电影的重要性,并成功获得来自Bertha基金会,圣丹斯电影节纪录片基金,英国纪录片基金会和英国电影协会的资助。
迪昂还参与过数部其他纪录片项目的制作,包括《Fighting Spirit》 (2007),《One People: The Celebration》(2012)。她还在摄影和制作谈话节目方面有超过20年的经验。


Writer, Co-Director, Neopolitan, in production, submitted to Sundance Collab.
Writer, Creator, Regents & Vicky W-I-P, Reel Lives, UAL Public Programme 2019
Writer, Director, Invisible Woman 2.0 (Short), Official selection Reel Lives, WeFilmGood, Sundance development track, 2019
Director, The Cold Spell Last Winter, Official selection, LIFT-OFF First time Filmmakers Showcase & Vimeo Select Broadcast 2018
Co-Writer, Lead Producer, The Hard Stop, official selection TIFF, BFI LFF, Sheffield Doc Fest, East End Film Fest, Human Rights Watch,2015
UK Shooting - Producer, OnePeople, 2012
Director, Producer, Black Voters Speak, 2010
Co-producer, North London Film Fund, short film compilation, 2009
Associate Producer, The Fighting Spirit, Dir George Amponsah, 2008
Executive Producer, Without Limits, 2007
Associate Producer, Nobody the Great, Dir Kara Miller, 2007
Director, Producer, Soy Havana, 2004
Executive Producer, Oi Vote, cinema campaign with More Fire Crew music group, 2003

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writer-director statement:
Roxann touches on my experience as an immigrant, a naturalised citizen of the United Kingdom and resident of Europe (until /if/we leave); Also as someone who has spent time in Africa, Asia and U.S.A . I’m a child of parents who were windrush migrants, who came to the UK for a better life and upon arrival had to find all manner of low income work to make ends meet. After living through harsh and bitter post-war Britain of the 50s and 60s, facing unquestionable racism, they decided to return to Jamaica to raise their children. They soon realised it wasn’t all pretty on the islands as they grappled with the restructured economy post independence. After a long time in the wilderness with family members putting us up in the rural parts of Jamaica, we moved to Kingston on the back of a start-up idea. My father was given a small loan from his grand-uncle and with sales & return deals he opened a butcher & grocery shop downtown Kingston. For a period in the 70s things were looking bright, however that time was short lived as globalisation evolved. Women found it particularly difficult to find work and those days there weren’t welfare or child care programmes. This led to a mass exodus of citizens to far flung places such as Australia, parts of Asia, Canada, USA and Europe, people seeking opportunities to survive. I returned to live in England in my late teens and stayed with my sister in the living on her futon in a tiny council flat that had no central heating so I know hard-knocks. I've always taken an interest in issue-led projects from the early days of facilitating film locations with the likes of indies such as The Lost Son, blockbusters such as Batman Begins, Sliding Doors, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels and Eyes Wide Shut to my own immersion into filmmaking after going back to Edinburgh Art College.