The Rovereto Civic Museum Foundation, as part of its many cultural activities, has organized an International Film Festival annually since 1990, from 2021 on called Rovereto Docu Days (once International Festival of Archaeological Film). The Festival aims at reaching and informing the general public about the preservation and enhancement of the world heritage and the archaeological research.

In the Festival are shown works of every nationality and it is open to producers, film directors and cinema and television authors who have made films in the sector of archaeological, historical, paleoethnology and anthropological research with the aim of preserving and enhancing cultural features and the world cultural heritage, material and immaterial (cultural sites and also natural sites when closely related to peoples and cultures). Documentaries, full-length, middle-length and short films and animated films of any length.

All screenings, events and activities are free admission.

The Rovereto DOC Fest, organised by the Civic Museom Foundation, grew, thanks to the introduction of informal moments of in-depth analysis with the protagonists of archaeological research and heritage protection, movie-makers, producers, scholars, lecturers, and scientists from all over the world.
The current media partners are National Geographic and the Italian magazine Archeo.

Compared to the first editions, Rovereto’s Festival has grown and it is now part of a regular effort to cultivate a broad and complex cultural project that continues beyond the week of the Festival itself.

documentaries and docufictions in the following areas:

> archaeology
> ancient art
> ancient religions
> anthropology, etnography
> experimental archaeology
> history
> educational
> geophysics and new technologies applied to the cultural Heritage
> investigation of looted archaeological and cultural heritage
> paleontology

> reportages on archaeological sites

Thanks indeed to its rich audio-visual heritage, the Festival has always been engaged in creating and weaving a broad network of cinematographic events in Italy and abroad, providing documentaries for the Italian edition edited by its own staff. The collaborations with bodies, institutions and museums are really numerous: from Turin to Sicily, to Egypt, Turkey and many more.
In 2010 along these lines, the summer Festival CinemA.Mo.Re. started. It is a joint project with the Trento Film Festival and the Religion Today Film Festival, promoted by the Department for Culture of the Autonomous Province of Trento. It spreads the richness and variety of cinematographic materials from the archives of the three festivals to the whole of Trentino, to promote knowledge of films and original and innovative styles, often absent in commercial circles.

There are various international collaboration projects, such as those with the Italian Institutes of Culture in Belgrade, Cairo and Istanbul and with the Iranian Research Institute for Cultural Heritage and the Italian Embassy in Teheran.

The Festival also became a founder of FEDARCINE, the European Foundation of Archaeological Cinema and Cultural Heritage based Athens (

biennal award, The Paolo Orsi Award

annual award, Città di Rovereto/City of Rovereto Award


Art. 1
The Rovereto Civic Museum Foundation, as part of its many cultural activities, has organized an international documentary festival dedicated to the cultural heritage, since 1990. The Festival aims at reaching and informing the general public about archaeological research, the preservation and enhancement of tangible and intangible cultural heritage. From 2021 on, the Festival is called
Rovereto Docu Days. Archaeology, peoples, cultures (IFF).

The Festival takes place in the city of Rovereto (Trentino Alto Adige) and also online on a virtual platform with all safety standards. The participation in the Rovereto Docu Days implies the acceptance of both. The standards of the digital platform will be promptly communicated.

Art. 2
In the Festival are shown works of every nationality and it is open to producers, film directors and cinema and television authors who have made films in the sectors of archaeology, history, paleo ethnology, anthropology, art, with the aim of preserving and enhancing tangible and intangible cultural features. Documentaries, full-length, middle-length and short films and animated films of any length are admitted.

There are four sections of the Festival:
Archaeological Cinema (main section)
Italy tells itself
Animated Culture (animations)
Glimpses from the World

Art. 3
Participation in the Festival is open and free of charge. The Festival Directors assess and select the films to be accepted for the Festival and the secretary's office will inform all those who took part

Art. 4
Every year during the Festival the "Città di Rovereto" award is presented to the film receiving the best rating from the audience which is asked to express a vote. Films whose subject corresponds to the themes cited in article 2 of these regulations compete in this award.
There will be special mentions based on the 2021 program.

Art. 5
Every two years the "Paolo Orsi Award" is held is assigned to the work considered most deserving for its high artistic and scientific quality by an International Jury made up of renowned representatives of the world of cinema and culture.
Admission to the Paolo Orsi competition is deliberated incontestably by a selection commission. The commission will select works with artistic, scientific and technical quality, corresponding to the aims of the Festival. NOT admitted are: a) works judged to be of insufficient artistic, scientific and technical quality; b) works not corresponding to the aims of the Festival, not conforming to the regulations or unaccompanied by the duly compiled document of participation; d) works produced before a specified date.
Art. 6
To participate in the Festival it is necessary to follow the instructions listed below:
- fill in the online entry form on the Festival: deadline h 24.00 on 30 May 2021.
- alla participation form a digital copy of the work must be attached; alternatively, it can be sent on a medium (DVD, memory medium) in duplicate directly to the Civic Museum Foundation of Rovereto. Shipping costs are charged to the participant and the Festival Management, while ensuring the utmost care in the custody of the works sent, does not assume any responsibility for any damage that the works may suffer during transport.
- the films can also be sent via We transfer or other services by giga-mail, or uploaded for download on any platform (drive, vimeo or other) in HD, within 10 giga sizes. (If possible, this method is preferred, which does not include shipping or customs charges for either the participant or the Festival)
-works in a language other than Italian must be accompanied by the transcription of the texts, preferably in Italian or if not was possible in English, German or French.
-each work will become part of the historical archive of the Festival. DVDs or other storage media will only be returned if specifically requested.

Art. 7
Texts, images and short extracts from the work, no longer than two minutes, may be used for promotional purposes of the Festival, for the web site, social channels and printed programmes as well as information media.

Art. 8
As part of its normal activities, the Rovereto Civic Museum Foundation offers the possibility of widespread dissemination among cultural organizations and institutions of all the works accepted at the Festival and officially catalogued in the data bank.
Title-holders of rights to the works authorize the Rovereto Civic Museum Foundation – Rovereto Docu Days – to use their works for cultural and scholastic activities and for dissemination promoted by the Civic Museum Foundation or carried out in collaboration with it. Use for commercial purposes is excluded. For these activities the Museum's website and webchannel, History Lab digital channel, the circuit of festival consortiums (Religion Today Film Festival, Trento Film Festival), the Italian Cultural Institutes and the European Federation of Festivals of Films of Archaeology and the Cultural Heritage will be given precedence.
The title-holders of the rights to the works will be opportunely notified each time by the Festival's office of their use for dissemination and cultural promotion of their works.

Art. 9
Participation in the Festival means the acceptance of all the norms contained in these regulations.
Personal data will be treated according to the Law on Privacy of 30/06/2003 n.196 and successive modifications and adjuncts.

Overall Rating
  • What a great festival to work with.

    January 2021
  • Jeannine Marie

    It was an honor to be in the line-up of the Rovereto Doc Fest. I only wish that we were not in the middle of this pandemic so that I could have attended. Thank you again for selecting my film!

    October 2020
  • Diego Mandelman

    Amazing festival. A great joy to have participated in it. I hope to return in the future.

    October 2020
  • We were delighted to have ‘More Than Just A Mirror’ screened. Excellent communication from the festival. Thank you for letting us be part of this.

    October 2020
  • I can only say thank you, for all. For your courage in organizing a Film Festival in a real theatre (and what a theatre, Teatro Zandonai, incredible!) with real people, in a moment in which big distributions go online, killing cinemas. For the attention mixed with kindness of Festival workers at the entrance and inside the theatre. No fear because of great preparation. Very interesting program, this year different from usual, scientific archaeological approach, like in the previous 30 years and some documentary production let's say less "ortodox", I suppose that's why my film was chosen. Rovereto is always beautiful, but it's the frame of a solid content. Un caro saluto, Alberto.

    October 2020