A photography competition to celebrate the wonders of the natural world and bring awareness about the beauty and fragility of our planet

We have 3 categories:

Showcases the magnitude of our planet’s landscapes, the pure wilderness and sheer beauty that is Earth. All images should be of landscapes shot in the wild with no manmade structures in them.

Showcases images of our bio-diversity, celebrating the beautiful species found on land, water and air.

Showcases images that tell a powerful story of human impact on the natural world.

1. A RoundGlass Samsara Trophy will be awarded to the top winner in each of the three categories.
2. A cash prize of Rs. 65,000 (aproximately 1000 USD) will be awarded to the top winner in each category.
3. Other exciting prizes will be announced soon.

1. All contestants must be above 18 years of age.
2. Entries must be received before 11AM IST, Sept 10, 2017.
3. By entering the Competition, the entrant agrees to maintain the highest standards in all matters relating to the Competition and not to do or say anything that does or might damage the reputation of the Owners, the Competition, the other entrants, or the official partners, supporters, or sponsors of the Competition and the Exhibition. The entrant acknowledges that entry into the Competition does not grant any rights in any intellectual property rights of the Competition and/or the Owners, and agrees not to use any names, logos or other intellectual property rights of any of them or to make any public statement regarding any of them without the prior written consent of the Owners.
4. Entrants are not permitted to submit images that feature farm animals or family pets.
5. Entrants must not portray captive or restrained animals, animal models, and/or any other animal being exploited for profit unless for the purposes of reporting on a specific issue regarding the treatment of animals by a third party in the conservation section.
6. Images that have been captured using bait are not permitted.
7. Entrants must not deceive the viewer or attempt to disguise and/or misrepresent reality.
8. Entrants must not do anything to injure or distress any animals or destroy their habitat in an attempt to get the photograph.
9. Entrants are responsible for ensuring full compliance with any applicable national or international legislation and for securing any relevant permits that may be required and shall be made available on request by RoundGlass.
10. Disqualification of an image for reasons above mentioned and other ethical reasons are at the discretion of the organizers.

Image specifications:

1. All submissions to be in digital format.
2. Files must be submitted as JPEGs, saved at a high quality setting and at 1920 pixels along the longest dimension. No borders, watermarks or signatures should be included.
3. Entrants whose work has been shortlisted will be required to provide the RAW files (e.g. .CR2, .NEF, .ORF, .PEF, etc.) and original untouched JPEGs.
4. After shortlisting: High resolution files (preferably TIFF) required for printing should be 8-bit at full resolution, and match the color and cropping of the JPEG submitted at entry. Please do not upscale. Files must not exceed 500MB.
5. Any entry that cannot be authenticated or is not of an acceptable quality will be disqualified.
6. Digital adjustments including tone and contrast, burning, dodging, cropping, sharpening, noise reduction, minor cleaning work, HDR, stitched panoramas, focus stacking and multiple exposure taken at the same location at the same time are permitted provided that they comply with the principles of authenticity and as such do not deceive the viewer or misrepresent the reality.
7. Description information must be complete and provide description, background story and exact location of image taken.


1. Jury reserves the right to move entries from one category to another where applicable and appropriate.
2. Jury reserves right to not award any entry within a category or modify/remove a category in its entirety.
3. Successful entrants will be notified in strict confidence. The entrant must not disclose the details of any shortlisted or winning entries to any third party.
Terms and conditions:
1. RoundGlass cannot accept liability for any loss of or damage to any entry submitted into the Competition howsoever caused or for any other loss or damage as a result.
2. RoundGlass cannot accept liability for the misuse of images and/or failure of any third party to comply with the competition’s guidelines.
3. RoundGlass is not responsible for any entries not received or lost in upload/email.
4. All entrants agree that, if their entry is selected by the Jury, they will participate in related publicity and agree to the use of their name and likeness for the purposes of advertising, promotion and publicity of the Competition and/or the Exhibition without additional compensation.
5. The entrant must be the sole owner of the copyright in the entry submitted.
6. Ownership of the copyright in any entry submitted to the Competition will remain with the copyright owner. The photographer will be credited and photographer agrees that RoundGlass will not be liable to the photographer in the event of inadvertent omission of the credit.
7. By entering the Competition, the entrant grants to RoundGlass a non-exclusive, irrevocable license to reproduce, publish, exhibit and communicate to the public, by any means and in all media throughout the world any entry. This license is granted only for use in relation to the Competition and Exhibition, which shall include (with the right to sub-license where necessary) – but will not be limited to – any of the following uses:
1. The process of judging the Competition (including the public vote);
2. Display during the awards ceremony and Exhibition;
3. Publication in other magazines or print/digital media which the Owners (or their official partners, supporters, or sponsors) may produce;
4. Publication on relevant parts of the RoundGlass website, including within interactive elements available for viewing or download;
5. In publicity materials (including social media).