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Logline: In order to save his engagement and sanity, a new homeowner must find a way to evict his uninvited roommates: his bossy, gay cousin; his childhood friend who’s on house arrest; his white sex-addicted buddy from college—and that buddy’s overzealous and overprotective mother.

BRANDON MILES, 29, proposes to his unexpecting girlfriend, TAMRA. She accepts, quickly learning he doesn’t have plans of her moving into his brand new suburban Chicago home with him just yet, leaving Tammy suspicious but still excited.

On that same day, RANDY, Brandon’s gay, eccentric, recently-evicted cousin, arrives. Heavily bagged, he lays claim to one of Brandon’s bedrooms. With Tamra’s insistence, a resistant Brandon acquiesces.

Days later, Tamra visits, unannounced, with her man-hungry friend, LAMONICA, discovering that Brandon has agreed to his childhood friend, SHONDELL, living out the rest of his house arrest sentence at his abode. Enraged, Tamra scolds Brandon as LaMonica makes vile, seductive advances toward the convict. Randy is also objectionable about Shondell because
of his raw street mentality.

Weeks later, Brandon apologies to an unforgiving Tamra during what should be a double date with his white friend, ZACHARY, with whom he attended college, and his wife. Zachary finally arrives, alone, with a ferocious appetite. Embarrassed, the couple interrogates him only to find that Zachary’s wife has left him due to his sex addiction. After a firm rejection, Zachary guilts Brandon into letting him move in. Tamra storms out of the restaurant, predicting the outcome.

Soon after, a distraught Brandon confronts his now three roommates for having eaten the last of his cake, which is interrupted when Zachary's dangerously, overprotective mother, MARJORIE, barges in, refusing to leave his house under the false pretenses that everyone's mistreating her son. Inevitably, she becomes the fifth inhabitant of Brandon’s home.

  • Dane A. Campbell
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Dane A. Campbell

Dane A. Campbell is an MFA from Columbia College who is an instructor of English at Malcolm X College. His fiction has been published in various literary magazines and his plays have received acclaim through many media outlets, including ABC News and the Chicago Tribune.

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Writer Statement

My comedy, for better or worse, strives to be inclusive, representing all kinds of black life, unapologetic to those who might feel as though some of us should get no camera time.

My drama is for people who wish to feel, love, and think more deeply about black issues in America.