Room 19

Room 19 is a story of Dax who is obsessed with power, and a hunger for adulation. He gets what he wants from his girlfriend Willow, by inspiring fear and insecurity in her. When his love towards her is threatened Dax turns a gun on his classmates, with an unimaginable twist of consequence.

  • Patricia Tsouros
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    Short Script
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Writer - Patricia Tsouros
Writer Statement

For me life begins with writing, art, fashion, and the crazy love I have for my dogs. It’s not about being who you’re supposed to be, or doing what you’ve always done, it’s about being resolute enough to know you have the power to do anything you want, at any age and under any circumstances. As women we face so many expectations, for how we should behave, and what our lives should look like, at every phase. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And sometimes it’s not up to us, life brings challenges that we could never imagine.