Ronnie Zidon is a 24-year-old Israeli film-maker. Currently studying film and television at Tel Aviv University, Zidon creates bold, young LGBTQ content with a heavy dose of humor. As an out lesbian in her field, Zidon is interested in increasing feminist, queer visibility on our screens.
In her first year of university, she created two short films: a documentary about a genderqueer artist, and a romantic comedy about a lesbian who, due to horrible karma, literally thinks out loud.
Apart from the films, Zidon wrote and directed the much-discussed Israeli webseries "Dyke Society", a 90-minute comedy peeking into the lives of a lesbian clique. Its spin-off, "Dyke Problems", revolves the daily adventures of one of the minor characters, and her relationship with her elderly neighbor.
Zidon has pursued her writing ambitions from a young age. She wrote a queer science fiction novel, and was a military journalist for three years. Now she is developing a feature-length queer comedy, and a musical.
Official Selection
Dyke Society
The Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival
Tel Aviv
Award of Merit
Best Shorts Competition