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Rogue's Coward

TITLE: Rogue’s Coward

AUTHOR: A Robert J. Rogers Screenplay

(216 Lost Tree Lane, Simpsonville, South Carolina 29681 - (864) 477-0632)

LOGLINE: American fighter pilots see stationary balls of fire in the sky. Private Crandall survives a battle and meets a downed alien the pilots called, foo fighters.

GENRE: War/Sci/Fi/Horror/Action/Adventure/Romance

PAGES: 120

SYNOPSIS: In 1945, American night fighter pilots saw three stationary balls of fire in the sky over Nazi Germany they called foo fighters. One of these UFO's was shot down. A preacher/soldier, Howard Crandall, is the sole survivor of a bloody tank battle near a remote farmhouse where Nazi's were guarding the downed alien. After Howard realizes who and what he was, he helps 'Rogue' find his ship and his mate by crossing enemy territory in an alien-enhanced German tiger tank. Along the way Howard learns Rogue knows nothing about friendship, love, or loyalty. So Howard teaches him these virtues, along with colorful American slang. And when they finally locate the ship, Howard helps the foo fighters in a way only Howard can.


1. Hell on Neptune - (85 Awards Worldwide)
2. The Salt Box - (57 Awards Worldwide)
3. Dakota Caves - 2 Miles (Short) -
4. Dakota Caves 2 - Miles (Feature) - (89 Combined Awards Worldwide)
5. Strappado - (Limited release - 10 selections/ 6 Awards Worldwide)
6. Patient Friendly - (Limited release)
7. Rogue's Coward - (Since July, 2018 - 47 Awards Worldwide)
8. Apollyon's Gold - Released July 15, 2019. 4 Awards Worldwide.

  • Robert J. Rogers
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  • Genres:
    War, SciFi
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Robert J. Rogers

Biography: Mr. Robert J. Rogers

Mr. Rogers was born on November 21, 1953 in Toledo, Ohio. With his two older brothers, he grew up in a small farm town in northwestern Ohio. In 1963, Mr. Rogers and his family; mother was a fourth grade school teacher, father was a V.P of Finance, moved to Sandusky, Ohio. While at Sandusky High School, Mr. Rogers sang in the choir, and played trombone in the marching, dance, and concert band. He threw discus on the track team. And played Dixieland music in the summers at Cedar Point Amusement Park. His senior year Mr. Rogers had an exceptional English teacher who taught him how to write. And write he did.

After Mr. Rogers freshman year at Ohio State University, he began writing term papers for other students. Fifty bucks. A thousand words. Any topic except the sciences. And he could finish in under an hour. His lowest grade was a B -. And he helped several students graduate.

After college Mr. Rogers took a minimum wage catering job at a resort outside Chicago. Years later he was Vice President of Marketing teaching in Los Angeles from a sales manual he had written. His meteoric rise in the hotel business was well deserved. But there was a price to pay for climbing the ladder so quickly. And that price, was his life.

In 1990, Mr. Rogers received a double kidney/pancreas transplant at Duke University Medical Center. At the time it was a complete success. Years later Mr. Rogers discovered the Duke surgeons had left something inside of him, for all the wrong reasons, which killed his transplanted kidney.

While recuperating from a multitude of stop-gap surgeries, he bought a book on screenwriting. He taught himself, and since then has written six features and a short garnering over two hundred forty-five prestigious awards worldwide.

For Mr. Rogers, the only good thing about Duke University Medical Center, he met a transplant nurse there who is now his wife. Today they live happily in Simpsonville, South Carolina with their four-legged son Duncan who loves TV.


1. Semi-Finalist - Best Feature Screenplay Competition - 2018 Los Angeles Cinefest - Los Angeles, California.

2. Finalist - Best Feature Screenplay - 2018 Genre Celebration Festival, Los Angeles, California.

3. Finalist - The 'Freaky Feature' Screenplay Competition- 2018 Creeper Film Fest - San Antonio, Texas.

4. Finalist - Best Feature Script - August 2018 - The Independent Horror Movie Awards -

5 Finalist - Best Feature Script - Top Indie Film Awards - Tokyo, Japan,

6. Finalist - Best Original Idea - Top Indie Film Awards - Tokyo, Japan.

7. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - Horror/SciFi - 2018 The New York Top Screenwriting Competition- New York, New York.

8. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival - Twin Falls, Idaho.

9. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - Science Fiction - 2018 Hollywood Screenplay Contest, Hollywood, California.

10. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2018 South Carolina Underground Film festival, Charleston, South Carolina.

11. Semi-Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition- 2018 Page Turner Screenplay Contest

12. WINNER - Feature Screenplay Award of Excellence - 2018 HOLLYWOOD NOW Film Festival, Burbank, California.

13. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2018 US Hollywood International Golden Film Awards, Hollywood, California.

14. Semi-Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2018 Zed Fest Film Festival and Screenplay Competition, Burbank, California.

15. WINNER - Special Jury Award - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2018 North American Film Awards, Los Angeles, California.

16. WINNER - Best Feature Screenplay - 2018 Red Carpet Film Awards - New York, New York.

17. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2018 Switzerland International Film Festival - Geneva, Switzerland.

18. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - Gold Award - 2018 California Film Awards - Los Angeles, California.

19. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Olympus Film Festival - Studio City, California. ('Dakota Caves - 2 Miles' is also a Finalist in the short screenplay competition)

20. WINNER - "The Birch Award" - Feature Screenplay Competition - War Category - West Field Screenplay Awards - Averill, New York.

21. WINNER - Feature Screenplay Competition - GOLD WINNER -Science Fiction Category - 2019 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest-Beverly Hills, California.

22. Finalist - Feature Script/Screenplay Competition - February - Crown Wood International Film Festival - India.

23. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Mountain Film Festival, Mammoth Lakes, California.

24. WINNER - Best Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Beyond Earth Film Festival.

25. Semi-Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - Light & Future International Film Festival

26. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - SciFi Category - 2019 Las Vegas Screenplay Competition, Las Vegas, Nevada.

27. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest - Charleston, South Carolina.

28. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition -2019 Global Independent Film Awards

29. WINNER - Feature Screenplay Competition - Sci/Fi Category - 2019 International Horror Hotel Film Festival, Hudson, Ohio.

30. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Northeast Mountain Film Festival - Dillard House, Dillard, Georgia.

31. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Amsterdam International Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

32. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival - Muskogee, Oklahoma.

33. WINNER - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Seattle International Screenwriting Honors, Seattle, Washington.

34. WINNER - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Alaska international Film Awards.

35. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Indie Originals, Melbourne, Florida.

36. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Trinity International Film Festival, Detroit. Michigan.

37. Finalist - 3rd Place - Feature Sci/Fi Screenplay Competition - 2019 The Indie Gathering International Film Festival, Cleveland, Ohio.

38. WINNER - Feature Screenplay Competition - Historical Category - 2019 Las Vegas International Film & Screenwriting Competition, Las Vegas, Nevada.

39. Semi-Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival - Providence, Rhode Island.

40. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Seoul International Film Festival - Seoul, South Korea,

41. Semi-Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Jefferson State Film FEST - Jones, California.

42. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Oil Valley Film Festival - Oil City, Pennsylvania

43. WINNER - Best Science Fiction Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Austin After Dark Film Festival - Wilsonville, Oregon.

44. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - AFIN International Film Festival - Brisbane, Australia.

45. WINNER - Best Script Award - 2019 Colorado International Science Fiction & Fantasy Film Festival - Denver, Colorado.

46. Finalist - Best Screenplay Award - 2019 Chhatrapati Shivaji Film Festival, India.

47. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 WNY Film, Art, and Music Event.


"Freedom Cinema would like to formally congratulate you as the WINNER of the Best Feature Screenplay Competition at the 2018 Red Carpet Film Awards! We were overall impressed with the quality of submissions this year, and your submission, "Rogue's Coward", stood out above the rest."

Marcus Schmidt
Red Carpet Film Awards
New York, New York
Grand Prize Winner - Best Feature Screenplay

Congratulations again on writing such a great script and all the awards you've won so far and will continue to win.

2019 Seattle International Screenwriting Honors
Seattle, Washington.

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Writer Statement

A recent Grand Prize Win afforded me an hour consult with the Head of Development of a major Hollywood Production Company. This is what I was told and learned:

Both the Head of Development and her entire team missed the point of the story. All of them! They wanted to cannibalize my story by erasing the present day side of the play, and turning it into a period piece from the forties. How can anyone, anywhere, be so obtuse? Unfortunately, this explains why todays movies are so bad. For writers, this is devastating. And for movie goers, it's a waste of time and money. So sad. Quite the bitter pill to swallow. Smh!

Good luck. Take care. Cherish time.

R. J. Rogers...